All testimonials listed here are unsolicited.
Date Vessel Name Company Name Messages
30-Jul-14APL SharjahBERNHARD SCHULTE SHIPMANAGEMENT(DEUTSCHCapt. V. Khiomevich stated, ''All in good order. Excellent cooperation.''
29-Jul-14RFA Wave Ruler-LSO D.A Rutter stated, ''Boarding Representative, Freddie Marshall, has provided RFA Wave Ruler with an excellent service.. The ship has been kept informed with any short falls. Good quality and correct quantities. Reliable. We will continue using Seven Seas.''
26-Jul-14LR AldebaranMLS LTDCapt Charlie Lanzuela stated, ''All goods delivered on time and in good quality. We can make good business in the future.''
23-Jul-14LAL BHAHDUR SHASTRI-Captain stated, ''Excellent products qulaity and service. Keep it up.''
18-Jul-14Ocean DominaGARRETS MARINE U.KCapt. A. S. Garcia stated, 'Excellent service and quality of supplies.'
16-Jul-14Hoegh YokohamaWallem Ship Mgt LTD(HK)Captain stated, "Excellent quality and service."
15-Jul-14Cap LaraEURONAV SHIP MANAGEMENT (HELLAS) LTD.Capt. Kollaras Sotirios stated, ''Very good service and excellent cooperation with the boarding representative.''
14-Jul-14DMS CourageousARAMARK GULF LTDCapt Mirsolav Spadijer stated, ''Good service. On time. Vessel is very satisfied with the arrangement in Dubai (DMC)...''
10-Jul-14Auguste SchulteBERNHARD SCHULTE SHIPMANAGEMENT(DEUTSCHMaster Plamen stated, "Thanks to Mr. Saju of Seven Seas for the cooperation, efforts for the order and finally a great job well done…''
10-Jul-14Maersk VirginiaA.P.MOLLER –MAERSK A/SChief Engineer Lester Kos stated, ''Very good service.''
10-Jul-14FuwairitGARRETS MARINE U.KCapt P. Preston stated, ''All items delivered well packed and apparently in good condition.''
9-Jul-14Quest HorizonHORIZON GEOTECHNICAL COMPANY (FZC)Camp Boss Paul S. stated, ''As always, excellent service.''
9-Jul-14Breezy Victoria GARRETS MARINE U.KMaster R.P Anderson stated, "Very good service. Helpful and courteous.''
7-Jul-14BBC Bunde-Master Yasinskiy stated, ''Very good service! Thank you very much!''
6-Jul-14Fritzi NANGLO EASTERN (SINGAPORE)Capt Harjjinder Singh stated, ''Very good service…''
5-Jul-14Gas HonourWHITE SEA MARINE SERVICES LLCChief Cook stated, ''The provision we received from Seven Seas Shipchandler is of good quality….''
4-Jul-14DHT HawkGOODWOOD SHIP MANAGEMENT PTE LTDMaster R.B. Paranjape stated, ''Delivery on time and in order.''
26-Jun-14Pacific PetrelSWIRE PACIFIC OFFSHORECapt. R. H. Galabin stated, ''I'm very happy for the service rendered.''
25-Jun-14Ocean DominaGARRETS MARINE U.KCapt. Antonio Garcia stated, ''Excellent quality of supplies. Very good service.''
22-Jun-14HMS AstuteMLS LTDLSO Marley stated, ''Excellent service provided. Excellent quality of provision.''
22-Jun-14PAPAYIANNISPOLFORCE SHIPPING CO S.ACapt. June Dayot stated, ''Very satisfied with all the stores delivered.''
21-Jun-14RFA DiligenceMLS LTDLSO Helen Flint stated, “ Very good service. On time. Very helpful. Keeps ship informed of any issues. Very good quality of products….''
18-Jun-14Bastille StreetZODIAC MARITIME AGENCIES LTDCapt B. Soares stated, ''Excellent. A very prompt service by Seven Seas, as always!''
16-Jun-14VadibelCOMBINED MINING & SHIPPING LLCMaster Vorobyov Vokodymyr stated, ''Very good service.''
15-Jun-14SL LabuanLAMNALCO (SHARJAH) LIMITEDCapt Ceferino Cuaresma stated, ''Good service. Supplied good in excellent condition. Seven Seas is a good supplier.''
15-Jun-14Pacific PioneerSWIRE PACIFIC OFFSHORECapt. D. Shariff stated, ''The service is excellent.''
11-Jun-14JuistREEDEREI M. LAUTERJUNGCapt. Wieslaw Grabowski stated, ''I am satisfied to use your service.''
11-Jun-14Kondor-Master SV Iyer stated, ''Excellent service. Very good quality.''
10-Jun-14Al MahboobahGarrets Marine UKCapt Nadeem Ali stated, ''Very prompt delivery…''
9-Jun-14Noble Kenneth DelaneySODEXO FOOD SOLUTIONS PVT. LTDCamp Boss Moses stated, ''Good provision supplied.''
4-Jun-14Coal PrideGARRETS MARINE U.KCapt. Florido Sumalinog stated, ''Delivery on time and good quality. Correct quantity.''
28-May-14SL LabuanLAMNALCO (SHARJAH) LIMITEDCapt Ioannis Pavlopoulos stated, ''Excellent service..''
28-May-14Ruby Star-Capt Emmanuel Baring stated, ''Very good service. Good quality. On time delivery.''
28-May-14UASC AjmanSCHIFFAHRTSGESELLSCHAFT OLTMANN MBH & CGChief Engineer stated, ''Fully satisfied.''
27-May-14La PazGARRETS MARINE U.KMaster S. Das Roy stated, ''Excellent service.. Keep up the good performance.''
27-May-14Malathi-Capt. P.L. Kundra stated, ''Good and prompt service provided.''
27-May-14Sheng Ming Great Ocean Co. ChinaCapt. Liu Rong Hai stated, ''Very good provisions. Very good service.''
26-May-14Orion LeaderGARRETS MARINE U.KCapt Rajeev Yadav stated, ''Excellent quality of fruits & vegetables"
26-May-14Gulf CastleGARRETS MARINE U.KChief Officer stated, ''Very good service. Good quality fruits and vegetables.''
24-May-14Prima DoraGRAIG SHIP MANAGEMENT LIMITEDChief Engineer R. Ceñidoza stated, ''Ok. Very good service.''
23-May-14FenCOLUMBIA SHIPMGNT (SINGAPORE) PTECustomer stated, ''Provisions well received by vessel . Appreciate the efforts despite the last minute order! Great thanks to you and your team.''
20-May-14Arun-Capt. Rajiv Kumar stated, ''Very good service.''
18-May-14Gulf CoralGULF ENERGY MARITIME PJSCCapt. Vijay Bist stated, ''Excellent services and god support system.''
14-May-14Atlantic PioneerGARRETS MARINE U.KCapt. Zdenko Silvestric stated, ''Very good service.''
14-May-14Overseas KilimanjaroGARRETS MARINE U.KCapt Fidel Suarez stated, ''Sufficient and in order packagings. Excellent quality of goods received. We highly recommend Seven Seas services next time.''
14-May-14HMS SomersetNAAFI FINANCE DARLINGTONLogistics Officer stated, ''Good service.. Good standard of provisions....''
13-May-14HoraisanGARRETS MARINE U.KChief Officer stated, ''Good service. Good organization. Helpful staff.''
13-May-14GalbotRED SEA MARINE SERVICES LTDCapt. J. Dhasmana stated, ''Very efficient and good service.''
9-May-14Atlas 5502ARAMARK GULF LIMITEDCapt Banu Leksono stated, ''Even in emergencies, Seven Seas can serve. Well done. Thank you''
8-May-14River GlobeGLOBUS SHIPMANAGEMENT S.A.Capt Samson Ybanez stated, ''Good service. Good quality.''
7-May-14Yi Long Shan-Capt Meng De Sheng stated, ''Very good service. Very good quality.''
7-May-14Halani 3HALANI INT. TRAD CO. LLC.Capt Jude Desouza stated, ''Thanks for a job well done.''
6-May-14Al ShamalGARRETS MARINE U.KCapt Krzsztof Golat stated, ''All in good order. Good quality.''
4-May-14La PazGARRETS MARINE U.KMaster S. Das Roy stated, ''Excellent and effective service rendered by the boarding representative, Mr. Freddie Marshall.''
3-May-14Ruby Star-Capt Emmanuel Baring stated, ''Good service. Excellent quality. On time delivery.''
3-May-14RIG ABAN-VIISODEXO FOOD SOLUTIONS PVT. LTDCampboss stated, ''Very good packing quality. Very cooperative representative.''
2-May-14Inter SydneyINTERWORLD SHIPPING AGENCY L.L.CCapt Titou Mykola stated, ''Good service and quality provided.''
1-May-14Aisha SarwarGULF AGENCY COMPANY - DXBChief Officer stated, ''Good cooperation and supply system is ok.''
30-Apr-14Ratana Thida-Master Santi S. stated, "It gives me immense pleasure to thank you and your good team who proactively serve our fleet vessels by supplying us with our stores' requirements. I would like to take this opportunity to highly commend boarding representative, Mr.Vikas Katoch, for the valuable services rendered to us, he has represented the Seven Sea Group in all honesty and humility and carried out his service on board M.V. Ratana Thida as humble servants of your company and we have always shared a very good mutual rapport. It is a great pleasure to work with such wonderful human resource who delivers his services with skills of a very high standard, Also we feel that the exemplary behavior of the Boarding Representative goes a long way in ensuring the continuation of good working relationships. I am sure he will remain an asset in the Seven Seas Group.''
28-Apr-14Quest HorizonHORIZON GEOTECHNICAL COMPANY (FZC)Camp Boss Graham K. stated, ''Excellent service. Thank you.''
25-Apr-14Al AgailaV.SHIPS CATERING LTDMaster Nejat Guler stated, ''Seven Seas Shipchandlers is a good company''
24-Apr-14Yamuna SpiritTEEKAY MARINE (SINGAPORE) PTE LTDCapt Tarun Anaje stated, ''Good professional service. Keep it up!''
24-Apr-14Ince AnkaraINCE DENIZCILIK VE TICARET A.S.Capt Baturay stated, ''We are pleased with your excellent service.''
24-Apr-14Cedar 6GARRETS MARINE U.KCapt O. Panchyna stated, ''Very good quality of provision Excellent delivery.''
24-Apr-14RodonGARRETS MARINE U.KCapt Elmer Delos Santos stated, ''Provisions delivered on time. Good quality.''
21-Apr-14FuruholmenGARRETS MARINE U.KCapt. Ervins Liepajnieks stated, ''Very good quality of food supplied.''
20-Apr-14Kota KayaSELANDIA SHIP MANAGEMENT (INDIA) PVT LTDCapt. John Trafiero stated, ''Thank you for your good cooperation for helping the ship and the crew for the safe delivery of stores.''
19-Apr-14RFA DiligenceMLS LTDLSO M. Tyndell stated, ''Seven Seas has been RFA's ship chandler for many years. Mr. Floyd Pereira understands our requirements and provides a great service to the ship. I have been very impressed with his good ''can do'' attitude. Many thanks for all his efforts. He is a key asset to Seven Seas.''
17-Apr-14Brizo UNIT MARITIME TANKERS S.A.Master Milo Diaresco stated, ''Excellent service provided to the vessel.''
16-Apr-14Ocean Gas-Capt Basim Al Sharad stated, ''Excellent service.''
15-Apr-14Garza TideAL WASL MARINE LLC.Capt. Muzorin stated, ''Thank you very much for your support.''
15-Apr-14LatmarTHOME SHIP MANGEMENT PTE LTD.Capt Aruna Udakara stated, ''Supply was in order and good condition.''
13-Apr-14Ruby Star-Capt Emmanuel Baring stated, ''Very good service. Good quality. On time delivery.''
12-Apr-14RFA Wave RulerMLS LTDLSO Mark Whyton stated, ''Excellent service provided by Seven Seas''
11-Apr-14ElinEMPIRE NAVIGATION INCCapt. Julian Paccal Jr. stated, ''.. Continue to provide good service.''
10-Apr-14MaximGARRETS MARINE U.KMaster RK Jha stated, ''Very good..''
8-Apr-14ILSE WULFF-Capt Hille stated, ''Very reliable a pleasure to work with.''
6-Apr-14NYK AquariusNYK SHIPMANAGEMENT PTE LTD, SINGAPORECapt Rajeev Cardoza stated, ''Excellent service, quality and packaging. Very cooperative and helpful boarding representative..''
6-Apr-14Beech 4GARRETS MARINE U.KMaster S. Ghosh stated, ''Very efficient and organized service.''
5-Apr-14Ratana Thida-Master Santi Sukprasert stated, ''Very good service.''
3-Apr-14CMA CGM MargritE.R. SCHIFFAHRT GMBH & CIE. KGCapt. Mark Raymond stated, ''Very good service.''
3-Apr-14Alpha AfovosALPHA TANKERS AND FREIGHTERS INTL LTDMaster Alexis Theodoros stated, ''Very good job.''
2-Apr-14Leopard SunUNICORN LINESCapt. Mariano Otawa stated, ''Exceptionally polite and competent boarding representative.''
2-Apr-14Stealth BahlaOMAN SHIP MANAGEMENT CO. S.A.O.CCapt. N. Shrinivas stated, ''Excellent service from Seven Seas.''
1-Apr-14Juemme TraderHERMANN BUSS GMBH & CIECapt. Zaborsky O. stated, ''Thanks for an excellent service.''
1-Apr-14RangerINTERNATIONAL FOOD SERVICES HAVENCapt. Danylo Alifirov stated, ''Very good delivery.''
28-Mar-14Neelambari-Capt. Dharmendra Vidyarthee stated, ''Good quality. Very good service. Excellent cooperation."
25-Mar-14FjordFAIRSTAR HEAVY TRANSPORT NVChief Engineer stated, ''Service is excellent.''
25-Mar-14Pacific SupporterSWIRE PACIFIC OFFSHORECapt. EJ Withers stated, "As always, an excellent service from Seven Seas.'
22-Mar-14RFA Wave RulerSWIRE PACIFIC OFFSHORELSO M. Whyton stated, ''Seven Seas has provided a quality service with products and timely arrival. Boarding representative, Mr. Murali Nambiar, is always professional, courteous and polite whenever he is dealing with me. He is an asset, Seven Seas should be proud of. Excellent service.''
21-Mar-14Nassau EnergyLL ENERGY S.ATarget Shipsuppliers Reps (agent),J. Margarita & A. Kantakou stated, ''Owners thank you very much for your assistance in supplying MV Nassau Energy in time.''
20-Mar-14Lal Bahadur Shastri-Chief Officer stated, ''Service on time. Good packaging.''
20-Mar-14LeadershipHONG LAM MARINEChief Officer stated, '' perfect delivery to our vessel.''
18-Mar-14Clipper TraditionGARRETS MARINE U.KCapt Zhang Jinbo stated, "Good service. Good quantity."
18-Mar-14Fairchem MaverickANGLO EASTERN (SINGAPORE)Capt. Prashant Bist stated, ''Excellent service.''
15-Mar-14MurwabGARRETS MARINE U.KMaster Jamie Whitehead stated, ''Very good. All smooth and efficient.''
14-Mar-14OshairijQATAR NAVIGATION QSCMaster Iqbal Khan stated, ''Received provision and all items were of good quality.''
12-Mar-14Quest HorizonHORIZON GEOTECHNICAL COMPANY (FZC)Campboss stated, ''Very good! Excellent quality of all stores. We will keep on using Seven Seas.''
11-Mar-14Sima SapphireSIMATECH SHIPPING LLC.Capt. KG Ahmed stated, ''Good quality. Excellent service.''
11-Mar-14Capricornus LeaderGARRETS MARINE U.KCapt. D. Dutta stated, "Good quality products."
10-Mar-14Al HamlaGARRETS MARINE U.KCapt D. Bresci stated, "Provisions received in good order, quality and quantity."
9-Mar-14GalbotRED SEA MARINE SERVICES LTDCapt. Dhasmana Himanshev stated, ''Very good service.''
9-Mar-14M.StarMOL TANKSHIP MANAGEMENT (ASIA) PTE LTDCapt. Arvind Kumar stated, ''Excellent services provided. Please keep it up.''
7-Mar-14X-Press TigrisGARRETS MARINE U.KCapt Viktor Korepanov stated, "All service from Boarding representative, Mr. Vikas Katoch, found to be very good. Supplied good quality of provisions."
4-Mar-14Callisto GloryGULF MARINE MANAGEMENT (DEUTSCHLAND) GMCapt. A. Zavadskiy stated, ''As usual Seven Seas is the best provision bonded stores in the Gulf. Thank you for your service.''
3-Mar-14RFA Fort Austin-LSO Goodchild stated, ''Excellent quality of fresh produce. Prompt delivery. Excellent customer service.''
28-Feb-14CMA CGM ImpalacashCapt Barnadwski stated, ''All in order with good quality products. Recommendable company.''
25-Feb-14Liberty PrideLIBERTY MARITIME CORPORATIONCapt. Richard Danahy stated, ''Very good quality produce. Thank you.''
25-Feb-14IoliLARUS S.A C/O. TARGET WORLD WIDECapt Rolly Espinosa stated, ''Excellent service and supply.''
25-Feb-14AtalantaALEXANDRIA SHIPPING (HELLAS) S.A.Capt Eduardo Arnibal stated, ''Prompt delivery.''
24-Feb-14GSN Unity-Master Kunal Kapoor stated, ''Thank you for the help and prompt quotations. You are as professional as always''
23-Feb-14PonenteSEACHANGE MARITIME (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD.Capt Maliks stated, ''Very good service. Keep it up.!"
23-Feb-14Viking CoralcashCapt Maksym Zakharov stated, ''Perfect in due time service. We will be cooperating in the future. Thank you.''
22-Feb-14RFA Wave RulerMLS LTDLSO Mark Whyton stated, ''During our port visit to Dubai, we have received excellent service from Seven Seas ''
22-Feb-14RenuarGARRETS MARINE U.KCapt Alipio Jadoc Jr. stated, ''Good service. On time delivery. Acceptable quality.''
18-Feb-14Ince AnkaraINCE DENIZCILIK VE TICARET A.S.Chief Officer stated, ''We are pleased with your excellent service.''
18-Feb-14M.T PIONEER ( SEA TEAM)SEA TEAM MANAGEMENT PTE LTDPurchasing Officer Joy Yang stated, ''Thank you so much for the great work. Greatly appreciated.''
17-Feb-14Mare CaribicumINTERNATIONAL FOOD SERVICES HAVENCapt. A. Guba stated, ''Very good. Want to continue with this company.''
16-Feb-14AigeorgisCHARTWORLD SHIPPING CORPORATIONCustomer stated, ''Quality of service is excellent.''
13-Feb-14NetsanetETHIOPIAN SHIPPING LINESMaster Kowalewski Maciej stated, ''Very professional''
8-Feb-14Al MarrounaGARRETS MARINE U.KCapt. Kralj Hrouje stated, ''Thank you for the very good service.''
6-Feb-14BrizoUNIT MARITIME TANKERS S.A.Master Milo Diaresco stated, ''Excellent services rendered.''
6-Feb-14Ince AnkaraINCE DENIZCILIK VE TICARET A.S.Capt Baturay Oftourt stated, ''Your service is so excellent.''
5-Feb-14HMS SomersetMLS LTDLogistics Officer stated, ''Good service. Goods arrived on time and in good condition. Highly recommended.''
5-Feb-14HMS SomersetMLS LTDLogistics Officer stated, ''No problems at all. Efficient and timely service with no discrepancies. Very good service. Much appreciated.''
4-Feb-14SagamoreSEALIFT INC.Master Alex Tower stated, ''Good and job well done!''
4-Feb-14Leo MonoSEACHANGE MARITIME (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD.Capt. Min Thu Han stated, ''Excellent!''
4-Feb-14ER NazireER SHIPPING - TURKEYCapt. Onur Caglar stated, ''Thanks for the smooth cooperation and excellent service.''
4-Feb-14CMA CGM EnfieldEASTERN PACIFIC SHIPPING PTE LTDCapt. Petkov Albert Borov stated, ''Very satisfied with the service and quality of the delivered stores.''
4-Feb-14Ocean FluoriteINTONE PTE LTDMaster Baspi Bin M. Yusuf stated, ''Very good service.''
2-Feb-14MalavikaESSAR SHIPPINGCapt. RKD Mishra stated, ''Excellent service.''
29-Jan-14Quest HorizonHORIZON GEOTECHNICAL COMPANY (FZC)Camp Boss stated, ''Excellent quality for products.''
28-Jan-14TarifaSTAMCO SHIP MANAGEMENTCapt Pavlov K. stated, ''Excellent service. Good quality. All delivered on time.''
28-Jan-14FuwairitGARRETS MARINE U.KMaster E. Popovic stated, ''Good service. On time basis.''
27-Jan-14Iron Bradyn GARRETS MARINE U.KCapt. Gaudioso Bulacoy stated, ''On time delivery. Provisions found to be in good quality. Company representative is very helpful during delivery.''
27-Jan-14HoraisanGARRETS MARINE U.KMaster Alledahn Reinhard stated, ''Excellent service. Thank you.''
26-Jan-14Bow PioneerODFJELL ASIA II PTE LTDMaster Nicasio Ladroma stated, ''Very good service rendered.''
26-Jan-14Avila StarGARRETS MARINE U.KMaster Sarmanov V. stated, ''Very good.''
22-Jan-14RFA Fort AustinMLS LTDLogistics supply Officer stated, ''Supplied good quality products. Met all the requirements.''
22-Jan-14Maersk NobleA.P.MOLLER –MAERSK A/SCapt PS Manangotto stated, ''Excellent service rendered.''
22-Jan-14CanopusGARRETS MARINE U.KCapt Allan Del Rio stated, ''. Shipchandler is very good.''
21-Jan-14Al GattaraGARRETS MARINE U.KCapt. Michalski M. stated, ''Good service.''
20-Jan-14FenColumbia Shipmgt Singapore PteCapt. Tariet Lomaia stated, ''Very good service. Chandler is very cooperative.. Delivery of good was well delivered and in good order. Excellent service.''
19-Jan-14Grain ExpressGARRETS MARINE U.KCapt. James Manalog stated, ''Good quality of products. Excellent service rendered by boarding representative, Mr. Ronaldo Salay.''
19-Jan-14Songa EmeraldSONGA SHIPMANAGEMENT LTDCapt. Vadims R. stated, '' high level of service. Recommended to continue use of this shipchandler.''
17-Jan-14UnicornANGLO EASTERN SHIP MANAGEMENT LTD.Master Yang Qing stated, ''Good service.''
16-Jan-14Teera BhumCashCapt. Phyo Wai Tint stated, ''Very good service. Thank you.''
16-Jan-14Star ChallengerSTARBULK S.A.Capt. Motoc Ion stated, ''Good service. Highly recommended for next supply.''
14-Jan-14Eleni DCashMaster Reshetnyarm stated, ''Good quallity of provisions''
13-Jan-14ArvinCashMaster Deljoo stated, ''Excellent.''
12-Jan-14CMA CGM IguacuMPC STEAMSHIP GMBH & CO. KGCapt. Eugene Segovia stated, ''Excellent service.''
11-Jan-14River Eternity-Chief Cook Dharmendra stated, ''Good shipchandler. Good service and good supply.
9-Jan-14HararETHIOPIAN SHIPPING LINESMaster Tedla Ketema stated, ''Very good service.''
9-Jan-14Maersk DrummondREEDEREI STEFAN PATJENS GMBH & CO. KGCapt. P. Sebastian stated, ''Service is excellent and on time.''
9-Jan-14Bani YasAdnatcoCapt. M. Khan stated, ''good service as always.''
8-Jan-14SFL KateTHOME SHIP MANGEMENT PTE LTD.Capt. N. Bunagan stated, ''Very good boarding representative. Delivery on time.''
6-Jan-14SagamoreSEALIFT INC.Capt. Paul Bonney stated, ''Excellent quick service.''
6-Jan-14Syn AcrabLIGABUE SPACapt. Enver Ruzzier stated, '' Very good cooperation and service. Thanks.''
6-Jan-14Bunga Kantan DuaMALAYSIAN INTL. SHIPPING CORPORATIONCapt. Alberto Rivera Jr. stated, ''Excellent service.''
26-Dec-13Grand PavoCashMaster Mikerolito Collados stated, "I would like to express gratitude for your good service, we found reasonable prices and best quality of the foodstuff supplied.... Hoping to have your service in the near future."
26-Dec-13RFA Wave RulerMLS LTDLSO David Rutter stated, "I wish to thank you for your excellent service during the RFA WAVE RULER's Port visit to Fujairah 24 - 28 Dec 13. The Ship was provided with quotes for all the stores, all stores requested were provided promptly, quantities correct with the invoices and the quality excellent. All further requests have been met with the same efficient service and you have been courteous and polite when you have visited the Ship. I wish to thank you for your services, I shall not hesitate using your services again. Many thanks."
24-Dec-13United MojandaCashMaster Peter Kolev stated, "Many thanks for your swift and good service. Looking forward to work with you again."
24-Dec-13RFA Wave RulerMLS LTD LSO D. A Rutter stated, "Boarding representative, Murali Nambiar, has provided an excellent service. Prompt and efficient delivery of stores. RFA Wave Ruler will utilize the same service again."
15-Dec-13Ellie LadyWESTERN SHIPPING PTE LTDCapt. Stated, "Effective and excellent service..."
15-Dec-13HMS MontroseMLS LTD Mr. Bob Meldrum, Canteen Manager stated, "I would like to thank you and your team for the delivery of stores whilst I have been in Dubai. The quality of the goods and the timely delivery of them was second to none. Once again, thank you and you're team and I look forward to working with you in the future."
14-Dec-13RFA DiligenceMLS LTDLSO Taylor stated, "Professional service as always. Many thanks."
12-Dec-13Arvin-Capt Deljoo stated, "Excellent service in all respect."
11-Dec-13Ras Ghumays 1ADNATCOCapt. Igor Tantsevov stated, "Excellent service. Completely satisfied. Thanks."
9-Dec-14HMCS TorontoMLS LTDPO2 KS Fournier stated, "My order was given at the last minute and everything was in place in a very fast pace. Thank you very much for your service and business."
8-Dec-13APL SharjahBERNHARD SCHULTE SHIPMGT(DEUTSCH)Capt Kyselyov Igor Lvov stated, "Fully satisfied with the provided service."
8-Dec-13Celtic SeaZODIAC MARITIME AGENCIES LTDCapt. Arbind Kumar stated, " Thank you so much to Seven Seas Shipchanders...private purchase items well received. Thanking you for your kind cooperation."
4-Dec-13Topaz ZenithNICO MIDDLE EAST LIMITEDCapt Jose Villarta stated, "We received provision in good order and quality."
1-Dec-13SIOUX MaidenROYMAR SHIP MANAGEMENT, INCCapt. Wilfredo Lim Sr. stated, "I prefer Seven Seas all the time. Mr. Kumaris an excellent boarding representative. Very helpful and courteous."
25-Nov-13 HMS WestminsterMLS LTDCatering Officer Hutchison stated, "Good service. Very helpful."
25-Nov-13Maersk PiperMAERSK SINGAPORE PTE LTDMaster Zhecho Zhechev stated, "Thanks for the proper service given to the vessel."
22-Nov-13E. OldendorffESHIPS OLDENDORFF LOGISTICS L.L.C. Captain Ahmed Mekky stated, "Many thanks for you and boarding officer, stores delivered in time and in high standard as always by Seven Seas. Many thanks and hope for the same co-operation in the future."
21-Nov-13ShahamahNATIONAL GAS SHIPPING CO. LTD (NGSCO)Master Bastone stated, "Very efficient and professional operation."
20-Nov-13Pacific SupporterSWIRE PACIFIC OFFSHORE Capt. Edward Withers stated, "Thank you for kind invitation. I would also like to thank you for the excellent services we received from your helpful colleagues during our stay at DMC, Dubai."
18-Nov-13Trans Bay-Capt Michael Santiago stated, "Service is good and on time."
16-Nov-13Hainan Baosha 021-Capt Alexander P. stated, "Good service. Hope to work with you in the future."
16-Nov-13UACC StraitQUALITY CATERING SERVICESCapt. A. Kishor stated, "Very good service."
14-Nov-13BBC Spring-Capt. Eduardo Entienza stated, "Excellent."
14-Nov-13HararETHIOPIAN SHIPPING LINESCapt. Tedla Ketetna stated, "Seven Seas cooperation is very good..."
12-Nov-13Clipper MoonSOLVANG ASACapt. Efren Savellano stated, "All items received in good order and quality.I recommend to use same supplier/ship chandler on our next call..."
9-Nov-13HMS TalentMLS LTDCS stated, "Very good quality. Always on time. Boarding representative will go out of the way to help."
5-Nov-13MOL Promise-Master Firdosh Bulsara stated, "Good efficient service....."
4-Nov-13HMS EchoMLS LTDPOCS O' Hara stated, "Very good service. Will use again."
2-Nov-1317 FebruaryV.SHIPS CATERING LTDMaster Sharif stated, "Seven Seas is the best shipchandler..."
28-Oct-13HMS QuornMLS LTDLeading chef Murdoch stated, "Excellent level of supplies. Well organized."
19-Oct-13SFL YukonSEA TEAM MANAGEMENT PTE LTDChief Officer stated, "All items requested were delivered accordingly and ingood condition."
18-Oct-13HMS IllustriousMLS LTDCatering Office manager N. Giles stated, "All stores were of good quality andpacked in a very understandable manner. Boarding representative has been a greathelp..... Many thanks for all your support...."
16-Oct-13Zenovia LadyWESTERN SHIPPING PTE LTDN. Sakib, Purchaser stated, "Sincerely appreciate your timely delivery."
9-Oct-13Autumn WindNORBULK SHIPPING (UK) LTD.Captain Kovalous stated, "High quality service."
8-Oct-13Fort Victoria-LSO J. Obe stated, "Excellent service. As usual, high quality standard of provisions.Many thanks."
7-Oct-13Maersk RegensbergMAERSK SINGAPORE PTE LTDMaster Will Stoker stated, "I'd just like to say many thanks for all the verygood assistance you have given to me and Capt Andy Lewington over the past 18 monthsthat we have been here, indeed for all the years of service you have given thisship, which has spent most of her time in the Persian Gulf these past 7 years. Youoffer a very good and efficient service. Thank you very much and until next time......wheneverthat may be!!"
7-Oct-13AnastasiaMSC SHIP SERVICESCapt. S. Barnajee stated, "Thanking all staff of Seven Seas... in providingus services planned timely and in efficient manner. Highly appreciate your professionalapproach and will look forward to work with you again in future."
4-Oct-13Trans Emirates-Captain Jesus Sta. Cruz stated, "As usual, maintain your good and quality service.As well as you good assistance whenever there are urgent orders."
4-Oct-13Oriental ZiniaMARUTA INDUSTRIES CO., LTD.Joanna Goodman (Purchaser) stated, "..... May we take this opportunity to thankeveryone in SEVENSEAS for their efficient services and support. THANK YOU - untilnext time!"
1-Oct-13Smit LabuanLAMNALCO (SHARJAH) LIMITEDCaptain Paulopoulus stated, "Excellent service. Very good quality. Correct quantitiessupplied....."
1-Oct-13HMS IllustriousMLS LTDCPO CA Neil Giles stated, "Many thanks for the stores that we received at FujairahAll items were of good quality and the way you labeled the pallets saved my teama lot of time and work. Also please extend my thanks to Boarding representativeFreddie Marshall for his help and support whilst alongside. Once again many thanksto you and your team for all your help. Looking forward to working with your goodselves again...."
29-Sep-13Songa DiamondSONGA SHIPMANAGEMENT LTDCapt. Eduardo Zamora Jr. stated, "Boarding representative, Mr. Gabriel, isvery professional, flexible and can adjust his time attending ship's hectic scheduleof cargo operations and other port related activities. Keep up the good work!"
29-Sep-13HMS BulwarkNATIONAL SHIPPING GULF AGENCY CO (ADH)Logistics Officer stated, "Excellent and professional service. Thank you."
25-Sep-13Songa EmeraldSONGA SHIPMGT LTDCapt. Cyril Fernandez stated, "Very professional and arrives on time. Stores,provisions and spare parts delivered in good quality."
24-Sep-13SFL KateTHOME SHIP MANGEMENT PTE LTD.Capt. Nelson Bunagan stated, "Very good and professional service."
22-Sep-13Maersk Delano-Capt. Oleksandr stated, "Very good and professional service."
20-Sep-13Pacific VulcanSWIRE PACIFIC OFFSHORECapt. Henrik Kralmark stated, "Very good service...."
20-Sep-13AigeorgisCHARTWORLD SHIPPING CORPORATIONCapt. Joel Celis stated, "Good service. Good Cooperation."
18-Sep-13MeteoroEMS Ship Supply (Spain)Capt. Juan Carlos Perez stated, "High food quality. Delivery on time. Excellentservice given."
13-Sep-13Maori MaidenROYMAR SHIP MANAGEMENT, INCCapt. Joselito Quintos stated, "Very good service, quality and quantity."
11-Sep-13MSC MessinaMSC SHIP SERVICESCapt. Y. Avtushenko stated, "Perfect service."
9-Sep-13FR8 VentureTHOME SHIP MANGEMENT PTE LTD.Capt. Joseph Sortigosa stated, "Excellent service. Keep it up."
9-Sep-13Liberty PrideLIBERTY MARITIME CORPORATIONCapt R. Danany stated, "Thank you for your quick service."
2-Sep-13IoliLARUS S.A C/O. TARGET WORLD WIDECapt. NL Perez Jr stated, "Professional service and recommended for futurepurchases."
23-Aug-13KNM Fridjof NansenMLS LTDLogistics Officer Helen Birkeland stated, "We are very happy with the serviceand products. Thank you."
21-Aug-13Artemis Leader-Capt. Menon stated, "Excellent service as always."
17-Aug-13MSC TasmaniaMSC SHIP SERVICESChief Officer stated, " ... company service found in order and on time. Satisfactory."
8-Aug-13HMS QuornMLS LtdLeading Chef stated, " The service was exceptional with stores being deliveredon time and correct. The quality was first class and the agent was helpful in everyway he could be."
7-Aug-13Ruby StarCHARTERWELL MARITIME SACapt. Alexander stated, "Please be informed that this call at Fujairah Portwe have Service from Your Good Company.
Everything what we ordered were supplied in proper time and we found all items verygood quality.
Service which provided onboard by Mr. Murali Nambiar we found very good also.
All our extra requirements were fixed quickly by Mr. Nambiar, special THANKS forhim for that!
Thank you very much for such VERY GOOD SERVICE!"
4-Aug-13WanHai 503WAN HAI LINES LTDMaster Li Ming Bo stated, quot;Very good service. Good quality. We will use yourservice next call.quot;
3-Aug-13LR Mimosa-Capt. Edwin Acupinpin stated, quot;Thanks for the delivery of my request! The serviceis excellent!.quot;
3-Aug-13TenkiGARRETS MARINE U.KCapt Anjan Chandhari stated, quot;Good fresh items. Very satisfied.quot;
29-Jul-13HMS KentMLS LTDCDR Ben Ripley stated, quot; As always a very professional and very good servicewas supplied and delivered by Seven Seas in Dubai. Many thanks to Mr. Patel, Nishadand Floyd for all their support. Very many thanks as always.quot;
27-Jul-13Qatar SpiritQATAR SHIPPING COMPANY (Q-SHIP) S.A.QCapt. Fazal Qasim stated, quot;Excellent. Exemplary. Exceptional.quot;
27-Jul-13Sima PerfectSIMATECH SHIPPING LLC.Capt. Suvorov stated, quot;Thanks for all the true excellent service.quot;
20-Jul-13HMS KentMLS LTDPOCS Catering Accounts Manager stated, "..... my gratitude & many thanksto Mr. Patel & the Sevenseas team in Dubai being professional & helpfulnot just on a Provision front, but also on the whole Global scope of just what theycan give & provide to any vessel whether it be Military or Commercial, it gavemy team a great chance to meet the main people who we rely on to provide us witha very good service when we come alongside for visits.quot;
19-Jul-13CamberleyCOLUMBIA SHIP.MANG.LTD, CYPRUS.Capt. Jeutkins Valentins stated, quot;All in FIRST CLASS STANDARD.quot;
18-Jul-13Celtic SeaTANKER PACIFIC MGMT (SINGAPORE) PVT LTDCapt. Sushil Yarunkar stated, quot;Excellent service.quot;
18-Jul-13TokioM.M.S. CO. LTDCapt. Unnikrishnan stated, "Very cooperative. Excellent service."
16-Jul-13Homam StarVELA INTL MARINE LTD. (PROVISIONS)Capt. John Gillis stated, "Always a very good service and good prices..."
16-Jul-13HMS DragonMLS LTDCatering manager stated, "Very efficient and helpful. Awesome.!!"
14-Jul-13Collard TideAL WASL MARINE LLCCapt. J. Sison stated, "Cook was happy, no complain."
11-Jul-13Sealand ChampionMAERSK SINGAPORE PTE LTDCapt. Sam Thomas stated, "Prompt and positive service. Impressive service."
5-Jul-13Oriental ClematisMARUTA INDUSTRIES CO LTDCapt. Leonid Knez stated, "Excellent service provided by Seven Seas."
25-Jun-13HMS DragonMLS LTDCatering Manager stated, "On time delivery with very high quality of food delivered.Very good service."
25-Jun-13Industrial HedlandUNITED SHIP CHANDLERSCaptain Anura stated, "Quick and efficient delivery of items."
24-Jun-13-V.SHIPS (GLASGOW) LTD (ACOMARIT U.K)Senior Purchasing Officer Michell Quin stated, "Thanks for all your help withthis vessel. It was greatly appreciated."
20-Jun-13HMS KentMLS LTDLogistics Officer stated, "Many thanks, once again to Seven Seas for the supplyand quality of catering stores. The Seven Seas team has always been very helpfuland professional."
17-Jun-13Nedlloyd DrakeA.P.MOLLER –MAERSK A/SMaster Charles Woodward stated, ".... I was immensely impressed with your operationand organization. Please pass on my thanks for making my final visit to Jebel Alisuch a memorable experience."
17-Jun-13BrizoUNIT MARITIME TANKERS S.A.Master Milo Diaresco stated, "Excellent service ..."
15-Jun-13Nedlloyd DrakeA.P.MOLLER –MAERSK A/SMaster Charles Woodward stated, "... I would like to take this opportunityto thank you for you assistance over the years we have been calling."
15-Jun-13Hosanger-Capt. Rolando Calamayan stated, "Excellent job."
12-Jun-13Kota Halus-Master Fedotov Sergiy stated, "Service and quality of provision was very good."
11-Jun-13Alpine MathildeBERNHARD SCHULTE SHIIPMNGT (SNG) PVT LTDCapt Harinder Singh stated, "Thank you for timely and prompt delivery."
10-Jun-13NYK Apollo-Master Ryan Fernandez stated, "Duly received all provisions well in time andin good order. Your sales representative, Mr. Paul Pereira assisted us very well.Looking forward for more of your supplies in the future."
8-Jun-13Sima PerfectSIMATECH SHIPPING LLC.Master Oleksandr Suvorov stated, "Thanks for the excellent service."
6-Jun-13HMS KentMLS LTDLogistics Officer stated, "Once again, an excellent service from Seven Seas.First class quality. All delivered on time. Many thanks."
3-Jun-13ResolveCROWLEY LINER SERVICESCapt Rapone stated, "Great service as always. Boarding representative, Mr.Paul Pereira is always extremely helpful with all our needs."
18-May-13Danum 129-Capt. Hernani Galeno stated, "Good quality of all provisions. Delivered alltime."
16-May-13Anastasia KCHARTERWELL MARITIME SACapt. A. Hilario Jr. stated, "Very good service. Thank you very much."
15-May-13Maersk Salina-Capt. Haider Ajam stated, "Quick and fast response."
14-May-13Qatar Spirit-Capt. Fazal Qasim stated, "Excellent. Exceptional. Exemplary."
13-May-13Marie DelmasGARRETS MARINE (CMA)Master Ivan stated, "Everything is very well...."
12-May-13NumanciaEMS SHIP SUPPLY (SPAIN) SAUCapt. Luis Astor stated, "We are very happy with the service of Seven SeasShipchandlers. The quality of the provisions is very good and packing also in goodcondition. Delivery was on time and service of Boarding representative, Mr. MuraliNambiar, is excellent. Keep up the good work! Thanks."
8-May-13NumanciaEMS SHIP SUPPLY (SPAIN) SAUCapt. Luis Astor stated, "Good supplies. Excellent quality and service of SevenseasShipchandlers."
1-May-13Lusail-Vuletic stated, "Thank you ...for your usual good service. Looking forwardto work with you again."
1-May-13Heredia SeaLINK MARINE PTE LTDMaster Eduardo Quirante stated, "I would like to thank your good cooperation."
29-Apr-13HMS KentMLS LTDCDR Ben Ripley stated, "All catering provisions were well received. Very goodquality of fresh and frozen items. All were well packed. Given the short notice,Seven Seas has been very helpful and has provided what we required. Many thanks."
28-Apr-13 Nippon Express Middle EastJacob Chacko, Country Sales Manager Nippon Express Middle East stated, "Onbehalf of Nippon Express , we wish to take this opportunity to thank all our partnerswho sincerely assisted in executing this job order with no hindrance .
Wish to thank especially --Mr Manu /Mr Kishore & Mr Eugene of SSS RAK , forthe extensive support during the operations and their hosting."
24-Apr-13SciroccoDYNACOM TANKERS MANAGEMENT LTDCapt. Asad Saleem stated, "Excellent service and usual outstanding cooperation.Looking forward to do business again. Many thanks."
23-Apr-13Marjatta PKASSIAN MARITIME NAVIGATION AGENCY LTDCapt N. Nikolaos stated, "Your service is excellent. Done on time. Hope tosee you again. Many thanks."
21-Apr-13MartinINTERNATIONAL FOOD SERVICES HAVENAlain Vuchelen, Purchaser stated, "Thanks for the fast supply, appreciated."
21-Apr-13KronborgDANNEBROG REDERI ASSusan Wraae Koefoed, Purchasing Manager stated, "Thank you for the quick andprofessional way you handled our RFQ's which were sent in to you with very littlenotice. Master and chief were pleased with the quality of the goods....."
14-Apr-13DMS OspreyKANOO SHIPPING - ABU DHABIMaster Necito Ebrada Jr. stated, "Very good service...."
13-Apr-13Halani 3HALANI INT. TRAD CO. LLC.Capt. Prabhakar stated, "Had always been providing good services... "
8-Apr-13Minerva PiscesMINERVA MARINE INC.Capt. Politis Panagiotis stated, "All items came in boxes with reference categoryand number from the Delivery Note. Assists us by reducing the time of checking.Very organized and professional."
7-Apr-13Alam BaktiPACC SHIP MANAGERS PTE. LTD.Capt. Pelobello stated, "Very good service."
5-Apr-13Trans Emirates-Capt. Jesus Sta Cruz stated, "Very cooperative and very helpful in case ofemergency/orders to be delivered on board. Maintain your very good service."
27-Mar-13HMS RamseyMLS LTDLeading chef stated, "Thank you for all your help during our stay in Dubai.Mr. Floyd was very resourceful and helpful."
26-Mar-13Venus Spirit-Capt. Gregorio Cruz stated, "Good service.Provisions delivered on time.Excellentto work with."
26-Mar-13Cielo Di LondraLIGABUE SPACapt. Natale Avenoso stated, "All in good condition. Excellent service as usual."
25-Mar-13Ken OrchidIKAROS SHIPPING & BROKERAGE CO. LTD.Capt. Jesus Raymundo stated, "Highly recommended to other ships."
23-Mar-13AnnoulaARION SHIPPING LTD.Capt. Gerrylito B. Martinez stated, "All items packed in good condition. Yourpaper works are very systematic."
22-Mar-13Emerald Star-Master S. R. Biswas stated, "Very satisfied with the promptness of deliveries.Quality and quantity is in order..."
18-Mar-13Clipper NewarkCLIPPER GROUPCapt. A. Dmitriev stated, "Good supplier with reasonable price and quality."
16-Mar-13HMS TrenchantMLS LtdLogistics Officer Lt. Gordon Clark has given his appreciation on Seven Seas servicesand to boarding representative, Mr. Murali Nambiar. He has commented on our quickand efficient order processing; stores arrived in good time; items were well packedand itemized per pallet; competitive quotes provided and an easy process for paymentby credit card.
".....Overall, Seven Seas Fujairah has provided excellent support to HMS TRENCHANTand I would be grateful if you could pass on my appreciation to your staff."
15-Mar-13Al OraiqOSM SHIP MANAGEMENT ASTechnical Purchaser Filomena Gabriel stated, "Mr. Saju, thank you for a jobwell done! Keep it up and more power!"
14-Mar-13Uni GlobeSIMATECH SHIPPING LLC.Master Suvorov stated, "Thanks a lot for all the excellent service."
13-Mar-13Aframax Riviera-Capt. Naveen Riviera stated, "Excellent service as always."
12-Mar-13MitakeGARRETS MARINE U.KCapt. M. Bajlo stated, "Very good cooperation.I've known Seven Seas for a longtime and it has always been very good."
12-Mar-13HMS TrenchantMLS LTDCDR Lindsay stated, "Seven Seas provided helpful services to HMS Trenchantat short notice. Good quality products and very helpful representative."
11-Mar-13SalaminaTSAKOS COLUMBIA SHIPMGT (TCM )Capt. Yahya G. Faqih stated, "Many thanks for your very good cooperation."
6-Mar-13STX AlphaREEDEREI ECKHOFFSuperintendent Hinnik Wesselhoft stated, "First of all thank you for the goodservices in the last few days, it was very much appreciated."
5-Mar-13Serenade of the SeasROYAL CARIBEAN CRUISE LINEExecutive Sous Chef Muzaffar Khan stated, "I would like to take opportunityto thank you for your efforts to provide the quality service... The products weare getting are as per our expectation. Thank you very much for your support."
4-Mar-13SAI EternitySAI MARITIME AND MGT PVT LTDCapt. CP Rayen stated, "Excellent service.Good quality food.quot;
1-Mar-13GenieEUROTANKERS INCFrom Eurotankers Supply Dept, "We would like to thank you for your prompt response and cooperation.."
1-Mar-13UASC SamarraBERNHARD SCHULTE SHIPMGT (CYPRUS) LTDCapt. Kyrnychansky stated, "Perfect!"
27-Feb-13Zallaq-Capt. V. Kulilov stated, "I would like to extend my appreciation for your goodcooperation especially to Mr. Sandeep Kumar for giving good assistance and effortsduring our stay in Dubai Dry dock."
26-Feb-13HMS RamseyMLS LTDLt. Cdr Hutchings stated, "Very many thanks for providing a quality serviceat such short notice."
25-Feb-13HMS AtherstoneMLS LTDLt. Cdr Vichery stated, "Good service at short notice."
25-Feb-13HMS ShorehamMLS LTDLeading Chef Chris Reynolds has noted our early delivery time and very good packagingof products.
25-Feb-13Chesapeake BelleROYMAR SHIP MANAGEMENT, INCCapt Honorio Campos stated, "Quality of products are good. Services are verygood."
23-Feb-13Tuscarora BelleROYMAR SHIP MANAGEMENT, INCCapt. Wilfredo S. Lim stated, "As usual the services rendered is top of theline. Mr. Murali Nambiar really does his best every time. He is very professional."
22-Feb-13HMS MonmouthMLS LTDPOCA Sean Hetherington, Catering Manager stated, "Thank you very much for allthe provisions you supplied to us during our stay and the use of one of your chilledtrucks while our freezer was getting repaired. Please also pass on my thanks toall your team, and we will see you again in the future."
22-Feb-13SFL YukonSEA TEAM MANAGEMENT PTE LTDCapt Vincent Litan stated, "Very good service. Prompt and good quality."
21-Feb-13BSLE TeresaMARINE CONSULTANT AND SERVICES SRLMaster Zaric Bozidar stated, "Provision order for Abu Dhabi received today.According to Cook, provision is in correct weight and good quality."
21-Feb-13HMS NorthumberlandMLS LTDCDR Dowsett stated, "Very good service. Good quality products."
21-Feb-13BarbarosaV.SHIPS CATERING LTDCapt Sharif Hossain stated, "Needless to say, Seven Seas is the best shipchandlerI have ever found. Mr. Hormazd Sidhwa is an excellent and cooperative team leader.We look forward to meet you again."
20-Feb-13DeutschlandBETEILIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFTH MBHMr. Thomas Portmann, F & B Manager stated, "I wanted to thank you oncemore for the great service you rendered to us during our calls in Dubai this season.Even on short notice you were always flexible enough and able to fulfill our needs.It was a pleasure doing business with you and I hope to see you again during ourcalls next season in Dubai."
19-Feb-13Alam Mesra Capt Karamat Ali stated, "Excellent service. Keep it up."
14-Feb-13Chintana NareeGREAT CIRCLE SHIPPING AGENCY LTD.Capt. Ashraf Mullaji stated, "Very prompt service and professional."
7-Feb-13HMS NorthumberlandMLS LTDMr. Richards, POCA, stated "All food received at an excellent level of qualityand timings' flexibility was invaluable."
6-Feb-13GNG Concord 1-Capt Alvito M. Fernandes stated, "Keep your good service to serve all."
5-Feb-13Khawar AladidQATAR SHIPPING COMPANY (Q-SHIP) S.A.QCapt. Ansar Kazi stated, "Good response to queries and appreciate the professionalism."
2-Feb-13Navios ObeliksSYNERGY MARITIME PVT LTDMaster Jeremias L. Laranjo stated, "I just want to thank you for the full cooperationthat you have extended to me during my stay in Fujairah anchorage..... Thank youvery much..."
2-Feb-13Hellespont TatinaHELLESPONT SHIP MGT GMBH & CO KG.Capt. Joseph Albejo stated, "Keep up the high standard of service."
1-Feb-13Maersk Missouri-Capt. T. Demar stated, "Excellent service."
30-Jan-13Erisos-Capt Igor Novikov stated, "Seven Seas provide very good services and pricesfor owner's and master's satisfaction."
30-Jan-13M. FarukDENAK DEPOCULUK VE NAKLIYECILIK ASCapt. Erol stated, "Very good supply. Thank you for everything."
27-Jan-13FreedomINTEROCEAN AMERICAN SHIPPING CORPORATIONCapt Kenneth C. Bagley stated, " Excellent service as always. We use 'SevenSeas only' while in Persian Gulf area."
27-Jan-13Good NewsBSM (India)Chief Cook T. Mondal stated, "Very good service. Received excellent quality.All items received in good condition. Thank you..."
25-Jan-13BarbarosaV.SHIPS CATERING LTDCapt Sharif M. Hossain stated, "The credit goes to Mr. Hormazd Sidhwa, becauseof his good behavior and personal relationship, I am continuously praising SevenSeas to our ITM office, V-Ships Catering.
I wish all the best for Seven Seas and Mr. Hormazd and Mr. Deepumon and all histeam members and associated members."
25-Jan-13HMS Trenchant-JSO A. Turton stated, "On time, polite and helpful as always. All stocks lookedin good order."
15-Jan-13Hongocean-Capt Cheng Zhiliang stated,"I am very happy with the quality of provisionsand service of Seven Seas Shipchandlers. Special thanks to Boarding representative,Mr. Murali, for his good service."
13-Jan-13HMS Northumberland-Mr. Richards POCS stated, "Service was very good and efficient. Quality ofproduce was of high standard. Mr. Nambiar was very helpful and he provided an excellentservice."
13-Jan-13APJ JAD-Capt. Nishard Shahab, stated, "Excellent service."
11-Jan-13Dalal Al GhanimAL GHANIM GROUP OF SHIPPING & TRANSPORTCapt. Mehdi Hasan stated, "Very good service."
10-Jan-13Jon Jin-2-Master Jo Song Yop stated, "Very good service provided by Seven Seas Shipchandlersand boarding representative, Mr. Murali Nambiar. We are very happy with the qualityof provisions and service."
5-Jan-13Trans Emirates-Capt. Jesus Sta Cruz stated, "Just maintain the quality and good service. Andthanks for your cooperation anytime."
3-Jan-13BarbarosaV.SHIPS CATERING LTDCapt Sharif M. Hossain stated, "Needless to say, Seven Seas Shipchandlers isthe best supplier that I have ever seen..."
29-Dec-12Tuo Fu 1-Chief Officer stated, "We are very happy with the quality of provisions andservice of Seven Seas Shipchandler. Keep up the good work. Thank you."
29-Dec-12APL AlmandineAPL CO. (PTE) LTDCapt. Pradeep Sarna stated, "I am writing this mail to let you all know thatwe are very glad dealing with Mr. Paul A. Pereira, employed as sales executive withyour good company. He has a very pleasant and cheerful demeanor and knows his jobreally well.
He goes out of the way to ensure delivery of all stores is carried out smoothlyand helps crew in locating all the items ordered.
In general, I am very happy dealing with Seven Seas, Dubai, right from quotations,final delivery till the timely addressing of grievances, if any. Thank You, andall the best."
29-Dec-12BarbarosaINTL TANKER MNGT. LTD.Capt. Sharif M. Hossain stated, " ....... relationship with Mr. Hormazd hasbeen since 2009 and he is such a nice person to work with. To my knowledge and experience,Seven Seas is the BEST shipchandler I have found...."
28-Dec-12APL AlmandineAPL CO. (PTE) LTDPradeep Sarna stated, "A very professional way of delivering all items. I amreally happy to deal with boarding representative Paul Pereira."
28-Dec-12Ghanim-Master Medhi Hasan stated, "Outstanding and excellent services."
27-Dec-12RFA Fort Victoria Logistics Supply Officer C.J. Feleppa stated, "Very efficient service and helpfulrepresentative. Thank you!"
27-Dec-12ITS San MarcoMLS Gulf LLCMr. Sam Tarapore stated, ".... good work by Mr. Hormazd, Mr. Floyd and theirteams. And all the others who must have worked behind the scene to make this a successnot only for ITS San Marco as a ship but for the NATO staff onboard."
26-Dec-12ITS San Marco-Log. Officer Alessandro Gabellone stated, "Perfect timing. Specific productsrequired arrived. Perfect collaboration. Very good food quality. Over Assessment:Absolutely Positive!"
26-Dec-12Clipper HellenSOLVANG ASACapt. Ranier De Ocampo stated, "The goods arrived to vessel on time. Very good."
18-Dec-12Pacific SeaPACIFIC BASIN SHIPPING (HK) LTDCapt. S. Guller stated, "I would like to thank You for delivery of provisionsand all stores to my vessel while berthed at Fujairah port. We are very satisfiedwith quality of provisions, services and good relationships and communications.Special thanks to Mr.Murali Nambiar- Senior sales executive.
Hope we will cooperate in future."
15-Dec-12Genmar VictoryNORTHERN MARINE MANAGEMENT LTD.Capt. Gary Pearce stated, "Thank you for the prompt delivery."
12-Dec-12HMS EnterpriseMLS LTDCommander Derek G. Rae stated, "I would like to express my sincere thanks forall of your help in making our visit to Port Rashid a success. The service providedby you and your team and the flexibility in meeting our requests has been exemplaryand was greatly appreciated.
The Ship's Company thoroughly enjoyed their stay in Dubai and was able to take fulladvantage of their time ashore away from our busy work at sea.
Once again I thank you for all your help in making our visit in Dubai a successand I hope to be able to work with you again if visiting in the future."
10-Dec-12Silver WindSILVERSEA CRUISES LTDHotel Stores manager, Vanja Vrhovac stated, "It is always a pleasure workingwith your company. Product and service as expected was outstanding, I am lookingforward to work with you next year."
10-Dec-12RFA Wave RulerMLS LtdLogistics Supply Officer, Mark Whyton stated, ".... A big thank you for thebrilliant service Seven Seas has provided to Wave Ruler during our deployment tothe Gulf region."
9-Dec-12RFA Fort VictoriaGULF AGENCY COMPANY - DXBLogistics Supply Officer Tim Smith stated, "I would like to thank you for theexcellent service provided by the team and in particular yourself, Santosh and Hormazd,this is very much appreciated and ensures a smoother visit for the ship and myself.
The ability to source requirements, often at short notice, has greatly benefitedall onboard during what has been a long port visit.
I very much look forward to working with you again and wish all the very best forthe future ,
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all at Sevenseas."
8-Dec-12Trans EmiratesPIONEER SHIP MANAGEMENT SERVICES LLCCapt. Jesus Sta. Cruz stated, "Keep your good service all the time and quality of good."
8-Dec-12Front FalconThome Shipmgt Pte LtdCapt Igor Strbe stated, "Many thanks for your excellent service around the clock."
7-Dec-12KretaLUMAR SHIPMGT RIGA CO. LTDMr. Boris Lunoff, Purchaser, stated, "Many thanks for an outstanding service."
6-Dec-12Chesapeake BelleROYMAR SHIP MANAGEMENT, INCCapt. Honorio Campos stated, "Quality of products supplied are good. Very goodservice, kind and helpful boarding representative."
6-Dec-12SFL KateTHOME SHIP MANGEMENT PTE LTD.Capt. Nelson Bunagan stated, "Services rendered are efficient and in case problemsare encountered, these are attended by the team leader efficiently. Highly commended."
5-Dec-12Tuscarora BelleROYMAR SHIP MANAGEMENT, INCCapt. Wilfredo Lim stated, "As always the company is very punctual and theservices and cooperation of the boarding representative, Mr. Kishore , is exemplary."
5-Dec-12Hanks TideAL WASL MARINE LLC.Capt. Vagie stated, "Good service by boarding representative, Mr. Eugene. Ireceived good provisions, good quality of fresh fruits and vegetables."
5-Dec-12Barbarosa-Capt Sharif Hossain stated, "Needless to say, Seven Seas is the best shipchandler.Mr. Hormazd is the friendliest and cooperative team manager I have ever found. Looking forward to meet again."
4-Dec-12RFA Wave RulerMLS LTDCaptain Allan stated, "Fantastic service provided by Seven Seas at a very shortnotice....."
3-Dec-12Front FalconThome Shipmgt Pte LtdSoudik Manda, Tech. Superintendent stated, quot;....many thanks for your excellentsupport in procuring the flanges and deliver. Really appreciate your assistanceon a week end. Great job."
30-Nov-12JollyEUROBULK LTD.Master Bilokin S stated, "Please accept our appreciation for you and all yourstaff."
25-Nov-12HMS EnterpriseMLS LTDKatie Steele, Logistics Officer stated, "Thank you for the services you provided,you made our time alongside very easy and pleasant."
25-Nov-12Pacific SkyTHOME SHIP MANGEMENT PTE LTD.Capt Sanjay Prasad stated, "Thank you very much for a good cooperation andexcellent service."
21-Nov-12Sagamore (Sealift)SEALIFT INC.Capt. Robert F. stated, "Mr. Paul is an outstanding boarding representative for Seven Seas.
Mr. Paul continually assists me and my crew. He is continually on time with goodprovisions. We will only take stores in Jebel Ali."
21-Nov-12Equator Harmony-Capt. Sandeep Puri stated, "Good supplies and items in good packing. Keep upthe good work".
20-Nov-12HMS TrenchantMLS LTDCDR Lindsay stated,quot;Seven Seas and Mr. Murali Nambiar once again provided excellentand timely service to our vessel".
17-Nov-12Nedlloyd DrakeA.P.MOLLER –MAERSK A/SCapt. CC Woodward stated, "Very happy with the service."
13-Nov-12Maersk VisualMAERSK SINGAPORE PTE LTDCapt. D. Vaingankar stated, "We are grateful for the provision supply arrangedat Fujairah on the 7th Nov. at such a short notice.quot;
12-Nov-12RFA Wave RulerMLS LTDCapt. Allan Obe stated, "Very good quality and delivery. An excellent shipchandler. Will recommend to other vessels".
11-Nov-12Amber HaloGLOBAL MARINE SERVICE (AGENTS)Capt. Maksymets Vikoor stated, " Very good service, performed all duties properly".
11-Nov-12Medi ChennaiISHIMA PTE.LTD.Capt. Andres A. stated, "Good service, always on time and will recommend toother Vessels / Owners."
8-Nov-12Chesapeake BelleROYMAR SHIP MANAGEMENT, INCCapt. Santiago Tilagman stated,"Keep up the good work."
6-Nov-12MCS HeatherKANOO SHIPPING - ABU DHABICapt. G Murray Stated, "Boarding representative Mr. Eugene is first class.Very helpful."
4-Nov-12Tuscarora BelleROYMAR SHIP MANAGEMENT, INCCapt. Wilfred B. stated,"Very professional, courteous and helpful Boardingrepresentative, Mr. Rajneesh Katoch .quot;
3-Nov-12HMS SutherlandGULF AGENCY - FUJLogistics Officer of vessel HMS Sutherland has stated, "Quality as usual isgood and provisions arrived on time. Chandler on site was very helpful".
2-Nov-12MemozineDENSA TANKER MANAGEMENT LTDCapt. Hasan Arsin stated," Your representative of Memozine , Mr. Sandeep washelpful and always smiling . Your service and staff are excellent. We will alwayswork with you in the future, thank you very much."
31-Oct-12MV SagamoreSEALIFT INC.Capt Robert F stated," Mr. Paul is the finest Boarding Representative; he iscourteous and very helpful to myself and the crew. We only take stores at JabelAli because of Paul most outstanding Service.
30-Oct-12HMS TrenchantMLS LTDCatering Officer of HMS Trenchant stated, quot;Products seem to be of good qualityand very helpful staff, Service is good as always".
27-Oct-12Glenda MelanieISHIMA PTE.LTD.Master RK Singh stated, quot;Very good co-operation rendered and prompt delivery.Wish to see you next time again".
27-Oct-12Norgas CamillaNORGAS CARRIERS PRIVATE LIMITEDCapt. Zhang Jianzhong Stated," It's my pleasure to co-operate with you, SevenSeas is an old friend for a long period with good reputation, we are looking forwardto meet you again".
27-Oct-12TCG GEMLIKMLS LTDLT Semsettin Karasu (Supply Officer/TCG Gemlik ) Stated,quot; We have received verygood service and high quality provisions from Seven Seas. The deliveries were ontime and Mr. Murali Nambiar, representative of Seven Seas, was very helpful andprovided us a very professional service.  Looking forward to do business withyou againquot;.
24-Oct-12BrusselsEXMAR SHIPMGT (EX. TECTO BELGIUM)Master Rajeev Goyal stated, "Many thanks for your below mail, it is alwaysa pleasure working with your team. Looking forward to meet you in near future."
24-Oct-12Maersk MadridDIANA SHIPPING SERVICES S.A.Master Ioannis Tzivaras stated, "We want to thank you for your service andquality of your itemsquot;.
24-Oct-12Luna MaerskA.P.MOLLER –MAERSK A/SMaster Jensen Christensen has extended his thanks to Seven Seas Shipchandlers andhas mentioned that it is nice doing business with us.
23-Oct-12Antares VoyagerCHEVRON SHIPPING COMPANY LLCCapt. Saaduddin Mohammad stated, "Keep up the excellent service."
22-Oct-12Alpine MathildeBERNHARD SCHULTE SHIPMNGT (SNG) PVT LTDCapt Ruben Rosal stated, "My personal thanks to you and your very strong team,my highest recommendation to your Good Company for usual Excellent and Professionalservice."
21-Oct-12Bow SagamiFLEET MANAGEMENT LTD.Master Hardshadeep stated, "I have always trusted Seven Seas Shipchandlers."
20-Oct-12Ruby StarCHARTERWELL MARITIME SACapt. Normando Carandang Jr. stated, "Very good service received from SevenSeas."
19-Oct-12Sagamore (Sealift)SEALIFT INC.Capt. Robert Meier stated, "Mr. Pereira is the best boarding representative.I have ever met. He is consistently on time with stores and provisions. This vesselwill not take stores anywhere here in Jebel Ali......
18-Oct-12SFL SaraSEA TEAM MANAGEMENT PTE LTDVery good service by Seven Seas Shipchandlers
18-Oct-12CSCL Uranus-Master Yuriy Nakul stated, "All the best. Your company has done a very goodservice."
16-Oct-12RFA Wave RulerMLS LtdCapt. Allan Obe stated, "During our visit in Fujairah, we have received anexcellent service from Seven Seas and from boarding representative, Murali Nambiar.He has been a very helpful and diligent in providing our services."
15-Oct-12RFA Wave RulerMLS LTDCPO P. Thornton stated, "Very good quality. Excellent shipchandler . Will useagain in the future."
14-Oct-12Nord Crest-Master Casul stated, "Your company is very good in terms of packaging and quality.Also your boarding representative was very good".
14-Oct-12Marie PauleARCHIPELAGO MIDDLE EAST SHIPPING LLCMaster Yuriy B. stated, "Received service from your side with pleasure. Manythanks for Seven Seas staff and to senior sales executive Mr. Murali Nambiar."
11-Oct-12Costa NeoromanticaCosta Crociere SPAHotel Maintenance Officer Antonino Donato stated, "It's been a pleasure towork with you and your collaboration so precious and helpful! For sure in the future......I'll remember your great service."
8-Oct-12Bunga LilacMALAYSIAN INTL. SHIPPING CORPCapt. Antonio Ramos Jr. stated, "The quality of products delivered is excellentand the boarding representative Jener is very professional and courteous."
7-Oct-12Altair Leader-Master C.S.Khandelwal stated, "It was good to have your services at Jebel Ali.Everything seems to be smooth and good. We shall be happy to seek your servicesin future too."
7-Oct-12Lusail-Master Miro Vuletic stated, quot;Please continue with your excellent services.quot;
4-Oct-12YuricosmosBERNHARD SCHULTE SHIPMNGT (SNG) PVT LTDCapt. P. Putans stated, "It is always a pleasure to deal with Seven Seas herein UAE. Cannot recall having any issues ever with supplies etc. .. At present itselfSeven Seas is our first choice in the Gulf."
4-Oct-12HMS TrenchantMLS LTDLogistic Officer stated, "Seven Seas again has provided an excellent serviceand good quality products..."
4-Oct-12Nedlloyd HudsonA.P.MOLLER –MAERSK A/SMaster David Cropley stated' quot;Many thanks for the level of service that youprovided during our last call Jebel Ali, Quality and professional againquot;.
1-Oct-12Torm SofiaDAMPEKLBSSELSKEBET TORMMaster Angel Abesamis stated," Many thanks, See you next trip in Fujairah.I am looking forward for the next supply coming from our company".
1-Oct-12NYK Themis-Master Clyde Mark Fernandes stated, "It was a pleasure doing business withyour company and thanks for all the cooperation. Will be in touch before next callat Jebel Ali."
30-Sep-12 OrmondZODIAC MARITIME AGENCIES LTDMaster stated, "..... We want to give our many thanks for your prompt supplyour vessel on 26/9/12 at Fuj OPL.
28-Sep-12Mitera MarigoAtlas Maritime LtdMaster Boris Komljenovic stated, "I would like to thank you for good servicerendered to my vessel on 26th Sept 2012. Assuring you that I will recommend your>company for future business."
26-Sep-12Clipper VikingSOLVANG ASAMaster Vitali Kisliuk stated, "... special thanks for good services."
24-Sep-12 Sagamore SealiftSEALIFT INC.Captain Robert Meier stated, "Excellent service by Seven Seas and Mr. Pereira.We will only store vessel in Jebel Ali with Seven Seas. Mr. Pereira consistentlydelivers on time with good precision."
21-Sep-12Ruby Star-Master Nekzad Cama stated, "With regard to our previous dealing and fantasticexperience with your rendered services in terms of quality and pricing kindly adviseif you have a branch in COLOMBO. Or a partner concerns which is as reliable as yours,or which you wish to suggest. Next time when we are in the UAE or a country wherein your privileged concern has its branch we definitely will be pleased to giveyou our order."
19-Sep-12ShanghaiLigabue SpaMaster O. Zathyshnyak stated, "Excellent service provided. Appreciate withmany thanks."
17-Aug-12Cap GillaumeVan HulleMaster Georgios M. Sarris stated, "All the equipment was in good quantity andvery good quality and thank you very much. Looking to cooperate with you in thefuture as we are satisfied with services."
17-Sep-12Berge FjordBERGE BULK SINGAPORE LTDMaster T.K. Engineer stated ".. All stores well received. Even the last minutestores were well arranged. Quality of stores was also good, specially provisions.Please keep up to your standards. Our good office and our superintendent have alsonoted the same."
15-Sep-12Emirates Mombasa-Master Hulewicz has sent his appreciation to Seven Seas being the leading shipchandlingcompany all over the world. Has extended thanks to Mr. Walter Pinto for his exceptionalhospitality.
14-Sep-12RFA Wave RulerMLS LTDCPO(CK) P. Thornton stated that the quality of produce and service has been topquality and the communication with Mr. Floyd has been very good ensuring all ordersand deliveries went smoothly.
14-Sep-12Firmament Ace-Master stated, "Thank you very much for your good and prompt provision supply."
14-Sep-12Gary TideAL WASL MARINE LLC.Capt. Usama M. Said stated, ".... I would like to thank you and your team foryour cooperation."
9-Sep-12Captain Egglesos NM-Capt. Reynaldo Arias stated, "Keep up your good and efficient service..."
7-Sep-12Hanjin BelawanALFA SHIP MANAGERS PTE LTDChief Officer stated, "Always good service from Seven Seas."
6-Sep-12FramuraLIGABUE SPAExcellent services and quality
6-Sep-12Four Otello-Mr. Ronaldo Salay generally found to be outstanding in terms of rendering service.He has a lot of patience and perseverance on dealing with master. Very efficienteven stores delivered in a rush manner.
3-Sep-12Yellow RiverTBS CATERING SERVICES B.VEverything is good. Good service
4-Sep-12Alpine Melina-Capt Thomas Alex stated, "Appreciated the excellent service provided by yourcompany. Looking forward to do business with you again."
2-Sep-12Iron ButterflyWORLD WIDE AUCTIONEERS LTDCapt E. Cordova stated, "Below we welcome you and to your best services renderedto us as well with your good quality that we received. We thank you and more powerto your company."
2-Sep-12H Whale-Master Ram bahadur stated, "I would like to thank Seven Seas for supplyingvery good quality provision/bond and personal items. Also thank you Hormazd forassisting at all times and making things simple and smooth. Looking forward againfor placing orders in future."
2-Sep-12VeresEUROTANKERS INCCapt Eduardo Janea Jr. stated, "Keep up the good work and carry on."
2-Sep-12Gas PrideBENELUX OVERSEAS INCUsual good service has been provided to the vessel.
1-Sep-12MCS ZaraKANOO SHIPPING - ABU DHABIAll stores were delivered on tme to a high standard and staff was very helpful and cooperative.
1-Sep-12Spica Leader-Prompt and excellent service
1-Sep-12Ocean Princess 1NAVIG8 SHIPMANAGEMENT PTE LTD.Good support and coordination from the boarding representative.
30-Aug-12NoemiSCORPIO SHIP MANAGEMENT S.A.MCapt Adil N. Connisariat stated, "Very good boarding representative. Highlycourteous, helpful and cooperative at all times. "
29-Aug-12Nedlloyd EuropaREEDEREI BLUE STAR GMBHCapt Jesus Ramos stated, "Excellent service."
27-Aug-12Trans Bay-Capt Rey Macaulay stated, "Quick delivery of requirements. Good quality andgood services."
26-Aug-12AS Ophelia-Capt. Juan Arela Jr. stated, "Thanks also for your good service."
23-Aug-12APL JapanAPL MARITIME LTDMaster W. J. Westrem stated, "Very happy with the service. Thank you for yourassistance."
20-Aug-12Maersk PhuketMAERSK SINGAPORE PTE LTDMaster John Townsend stated, "Generally I have found your company very reliableand Mr. Saju is prompt in arranging items to our requirements."
20-Aug-12Crystal MermaidBERNHARD SCHULTE SHIIPMNGT (SNG) PVT LTDCapt. Paul Noel Bautista stated, "Thank you also for your excellent serviceand professionalism."
14-Aug-12Malhari-Capt Ravi P Raj stated, "On time. Good cooperation. Efficient and professionalworking style."
13-Aug-12TheometorVAMVASHIP MARITIME S.ACapt Jupiter stated, "We wish to thank you for your kind assistance duringthe vessel's stay at Jebel Ali port."
13-Aug-12Norgas OrindaNORGAS CARRIERS PRIVATE LIMITEDCapt. Glushaev stated, ".. I used to tell my Purchasing department to prioritizeSeven Seas, as your company is most reliable amongst Fujairah providers."
10-Aug-12Front AriakeTHOME SHIP MANGEMENT PTE LTD.Good service. Excellent service. Pleasure to work with Seven Seas Shipchandlers.
9-Aug-12PapuaJOHANN M.K.BLUMENTHAL GMBH & CO KGMany thanks for perfect service and the very competent performance of boarding representative,Freddie Marshal.
5-Aug-12Lusail-Master Radic stated, "Keep your high standard!!"
5-Aug-12HMS TrenchantMLS LTDCDR Lindsay stated, "Seven Seas provided extra items at short notice. Helpfuland straightforward process of staff."
5-Aug-12Medi ChennaiLIGABUE SPACapt. Andres Adornado stated, "In good order and in good time. Recommendableto other vessels/owners."
3-Aug-12Maersk Wellington-Capt. Deraper stated, "Thank you for your good service. Frankly, I checkedyour quality of products were improving and satisfactory. In fairness to Ms.AngelGarcia who brought us to your Company, we are requesting if you could assign herback to liaise between Maersk Wellington and your good Company. We want to helpher career in this MEN dominated job."
2-Aug-12Nedlloyd AmericaE.R. SCHIFFAHRT GMBH & CIE. KGCapt. Eugene Segovia stated, "Exceptional service."
30-Jul-12TheoskepastiVAMVASHIP MARITIME S.AMaster Patmarie stated, "...I wish to have your services again the next Fujairahcall. Wishing you more shipping companies to take your services in the near future."
29-Jul-12Maersk VentureMAERSK SINGAPORE PTE LTDMaster Nrupal Samant stated, "Thank you very much for arranging our provisionand bond order at such short notice. The efforts taken by you and your team arehighly appreciated. Hope your management take notice of your hard work."
27-Jul-12Dimitris PCash (TSAKOS COLUMBIA SHIPMGT (TCM ))Capt. Kaloumenos Nikolaos stated, "We would like to thank you a lot for theprivate order that was delivered today onboard. All items were as requested andin excellent condition. Thanks once again for your kind assistance and cooperationand we are looking forward to cooperate with your group for our future requests."
25-Jul-12Marine StarsAEGEUS SHIPPING S.A.Capt Benjamin Nueda stated, "We received from Seven Seas Shipchandlers, supplieson time. Provisions stores found to be of good quality."
23-Jul-12TranstimeANGLO EASTERN SHIP MANAGEMENT LTD.Master Niz Dan stated, "Very good service from Seven Seas Shipchandlers. Thequality of provision is very good."
19-Jul-12HMS Shoreham-LT. CDR Shaughnessy stated, "Good standard of provisions and service, as wehave come to expect from Seven Seas Shipchandlers."
17-Jul-12HMS Atherstone-Lt Cdr. Justin Haines stated, "A very prompt, polite and helpful service despitethe order being of short notice."
16-Jul-12MerlinEAGLE SHIPPING INTERNATIONAL (USA) LLCCapt Saw Win Maung stated, "Good service, quality, cooperation with ship staffs.Mr. Murali is very good for our vessel. Seven Seas is the best in the world."
14-Jul-12Norgas AlmedaNORGAS CARRIERS PRIVATE LIMITEDCapt. Sergey stated,quot; Good service. We will cooperate with you and your companyin future."
14-Jul-12YalibelCOMBINED MINING & SHIPPING LLCCapt Volodymyr Zharikov stated, "Good cooperation. Good provisions on board."
9-Jul-12-SODEXO FOOD SOLUTIONS PVT. LTDPurchaser Samir Parikh has appreciated the services of the operations/logistics/warehousein the mobilization of catering services on the 3 + 1 Leighton Barges and vesselsin the past from Hamriya UAE which included the barge of Stealth from March 2011.Eclipse 2011, Mynx and Fuxing from Aug 2011. They intend to mobilize our serviceswith the 5th vessel, SOC Endeavour from July 2012 due to timely delivery of grocerieson board.
5-Jul-12Alam BaktiPACC SHIP MANAGERS PTE. LTD.Capt. K. Santosh Kumar stated, "Good products/packing and serice. Looking forwardfor pick up of stores again."
5-Jul-12A Elephant-Capt Pelobello stated, "Excellent service and reliable service."
28-Jun-12HMS TriumphMLS LTDFrankie Close (POCS) stated, "Satisfied with Seven Seas Company. Very goodproducts. Boarding representative, Mr. Murali Nambiar is very helpful and professional.Thank you."
27-Jun-12Poul SpiritGARRETS MARINE U.KCapt. B.K. Thapa stated, "Great service. Keep up the good work."
25-Jun-12TranstimeANGLO EASTERN SHIP MANAGEMENT LTD.Capt Niz Dan stated, "Very good service by Seven Seas Shipchandlers."
25-Jun-12CMA CGM Okapi-Master Piotr Grendziak stated, "It will be a pleasure for me to continue ourgood and warm dealings and cooperation."
25-Jun-12HMS DaringNAAFI FINANCE DARLINGTONCPO Andrew Bailey stated, "Once again, Mr. Floyd Pereira and his team delivereda fantastic service. I would like to thank him for making our storing as easy aspossible."
21-Jun-12Sai SunriseSAI MARITIME AND MANAGEMENT PVT LTDPurchaser Naeem Khan stated, "At the outset allow me to thank you for yoursupport and excellent services being rendered to our subject
vessel at Port Khalid/Dubai Dry dock world."
20-Jun-12Nedlloyd America-Capt. Eugene Segovia stated, "Keep up the excellent service."
16-Jun-12Minero TresEASTMAN TRANSPORT LTDCapt Kokik Marko stated, "Very happy with services and quality of supplies."
14-Jun-12Mega Star-Capt. Pratap Dutta stated, "Excellent quality and service."
10-Jun-12Sagamore SealiftSEALIFT INC.Capt. Robert Meier stated, quot;Boarding representative, Mr. Pereira is constantlyproviding this vessel with the most satisfying performance. He is constantly assistingthe captain and crews. He is on-time with excellent provisions. We look forwardto seeing him in every trip into Jebel Ali."
8-Jun-12Yoma 6HORIZON GEMI ISELETMECILIGI SAN VE TICCaptain Cemil Atis stated, "Everything is ok. We like working with this company."
6-Jun-12DonauEXMAR SHIPMGT (EX. TECTO BELGIUM)Master Thierry Coornaert stated, "Many thanks for the timely delivery of theprovisions and bond.
I would like also to report the very good attitude and help of your boarding representative,excellent.
Many thanks and for sure we will use your service again in the future."
1-Jun-12Norgas OrindaNORGAS CARRIERS PRIVATE LIMITEDCapt. Glusbaer stated, "Seven Seas is always an example of a Modern Shipchandling."
30-May-12Sioux MaidenROYMAR SHIP MANAGEMENT, INCCaptain Arthur Banluta stated, quot;We from Roymar Ship Management are satisfiedwith the provision supply.quot;
29-May-12Torm EstridTORM A/SCaptain William Mananquil stated, "Keep up the excellent professional work."
23-May-12River EternityQUALITY CATERING SERVICESMaster Kumar stated, quot;Excellent and reliable services."
22-May-12Medi ShanghaiLIGABUE CATERING SRL (ITALY)Captain Jimmy Viloria stated, "Boarding representative is very accommodatingand very attentive to vessel's needs."
20-May-12Nedlloyd AmericaREEDEREI BLUE STAR GMBHMaster Eugene Segovia stated, quot;Keep up the excellent services.quot;
14-May-12HamraOMAN SHIP MANAGEMENT CO. S.A.O.CCaptain Ruel Doromal stated, "Excellent products and service."
12-May-12ResolveInter Ocean USACapt. William Rapone stated, "Just a note to thank you for your help in acquiringitems we needed - on short notice at times - during our recent calls at Jebel Ali.Suresh ensured we received all we required. It is much appreciated. In additionyour representatives that board the vessel are always very helpful and always makea great effort to ensure that we leave Jebel Ali with everything we need. Thanksto Paul and your other representatives. See you next trip. Thanks again."
11-May-12Norgas AlamedaNORGAS CARRIERS PRIVATE LIMITEDCaptain Sergey stated, "Good service. Will cooperate in future with your company."
10-May-12KithnosAEGEAN BUNKERING SERVICES INCCaptain Konstantinos Mostoris stated,"Quality of products is very good."
9-May-12Sagamore SealiftSEALIFT INC.Master Robert F. Meier sent an email to Mr. Walter and Mr. Suresh in regards toour supply made on 8/5, he stated thru delivery feedback form, "Boarding representativeMr. Paul Pereira continuously giving outstanding performance; on time deliveries,and always looking to assist myself and crew. That is why we only store our vesselhere at Jebel Ali, because we know we will get the Best Provisions and Stores inGulf."
7-May-12BukhaINTERNATIONAL TANKER MNGT. LTD.Master Vladimir Akulich stated, "I'm satisfied completely with Seven Seas service."
6-May-12BGP PioneerBGP INTERNATIONAL EQUIPMENT ME FZECaptain Vic Battad stated, "Delivery service is satisfactory. Good communication."
30-Apr-12APL ZirconAPL CO. (PTE) LTDMaster Sondhi sent an appreciation to Mr. Alpesh Desai, "... You have beena great asset during the plethora of requested items at Dubai Dry Docks especiallythe heavy ones like Anchor cable. Once again good to be in touch with you."
27-Apr-12Sagamore SealiftSEALIFT INC.Master Robert F. Meier stated, "At present we are happy with our present providerof stores and provisions. Seven Seas is doing a fantastic job at taking care ofthis vessel, their boarding representative Mr. Pereira is one of the best in thebusiness. I wouldn't change that for anything, they give us the best prices anda great selection. Seven Seas --- ONE SOLUTION!!quot;
25-Apr-12Smit LangkawiSMIT SINGAPORE PTE. LTD.Captain Alexander Bezruchko stated, "Everything excellent.Good service."
21-Apr-12Al MoshtareeLONDON SHIP MANAGERS LTD.Capt. R. Elikwela stated, "Very happy with the service."
19-Apr-12Hanks TideAL WASL MARINE LLC.Captain Vagif stated, "Good cooperation. Delivered on time."
19-Apr-12AmadeaSEACHEFS CRUISE MANAGEMENT GMBHMr. Frank Heym, Hotel Inventory Controller, stated "I'm always impressed fromthe real good service of Seven Seas Dubai and I know boarding representative, Mr.Abdul. I appreciate his service.Whenever we have additional request, he'll findways for solutions. Thanks."
19-Apr-12Trans GulfPIONEER SHIP MANAGEMENT SERVICES LLCCapt. Jesus Sta. Ana stated, "Just maintain your good service and quality offood and other supplies."
19-Apr-12Gulf Star-Master Sharif Hossain stated, "Seven Seas is the best shipchandler and Mr.Hormazd is the best team leader.... Look forward to see you again."
17-Apr-12Paradise AceM.M.S. CO., LTDCaptain S. Benedicto stated, "All quality of items supplied found to be verygood."
17-Apr-12E. OldendorffESHIPS OLDENDORFF LOGISTICS L.L.C.Capt. Hesham AE Zahab stated, "Work done in good order and we are fully satisfiedfor services given to us."
16-Apr-12DLB Castoro IISAUDI ARABIAN CATERING ENT. LTD.Capt. Galatolo Stefano stated, "Seven Seas Shipchandlers is a very good supplier.All products we received in good packaging.Good quality and good service.."
14-Apr-12RFA Lyme BayMLS LTDMr. Robin PW Prost, Logistics Officer stated, "Many thanks for the provisionsyou supplied to RFA Lyme Bay during our short stay in Jebel Ali.Although only asmall order, the provisions were of a very good quality and your flexibility toprovide us with Bonded stores at short notice was very professional.
I look forward to dealing with you again on the ship's next visit to Dubai."
13-Apr-12Silver WhisperSILVERSEA CRUISES LTDHotel Store Manager Mr. Vanja Vrhovac stated, "I would like to say a big thankyou, to you and your team on today's delivery, professionalism, and anticipatingour requests."
12-Apr-12RFA DiligenceMLS LTDLogistic supply officer stated, "Murali has provided an excellent service insupport of the ship.The quality of all goods supplied has been good and deliveredpromptly as requested."
11-Apr-12MPV 1SODEXO FOOD SOLUTIONS PVT. LTDGood services. Keep up the good support and quality of deliveries.
6-Apr-12Ark ForwarderNORTHERN MARINE MANAGEMENT LTD.Captain Lanrence stated "The first time we have used your services and it wasvery good to see everything ready on arrival."
5-Apr-12Safmarine CuneneE.R. SCHIFFAHRT GMBH & CIE. KGVery helpful service, especially with supplying goods at short notice.
5-Apr-12St NikolaiMARINCONSULTMaster Bobo Zugovic stated, "Many thanks, all received as ordered.Very goodcooperation. Until next order."
3-Apr-12SagamoreSEALIFT INC.Master Robert Meier stated in the boarding report, "Mr. Paul continues to giveoutstanding performance, always on time deliveries, and always looking to assistmyself and crew.That is why we only store our vessel here at Jebel Ali because weknow we will get the best provisions and stores in the gulf."
29-Mar-12Singapore TraderLOMAR SHIPPING LTD(UK)Purchaser David Miller stated "Thanks for the prompt service as always."
29-Mar-12Maersk KimiA.P.MOLLER –MAERSK A/SPurchaser Analiza Mendoza stated, "Thank you so much Saju for your excellentservice."
26-Mar-12CFL Motion ScanINTERNATIONAL FOOD SERVICES HAVENCaptain has stated, "Please be informed that we received provisions, bonded,cabin stores all in good order."
25-Mar-12Condock IVTRANS-MAR-SUPPLY GMBH & CO. KGVery helpful company. Recommended for arrangement of different supply during vessel'sstay in UAE ports.
23-Mar-12Iroquois MaidenROYMAR SHIP MANAGEMENT, INCCapt. Jayme Freddie Musni stated "All items are supplied in good concern. Yourboarding representative, Kishore Kumar, is very cooperative and assisted to ourneeds."
22-Mar-12Mohawk PrincessROYMAR SHIP MANAGEMENT, INCHave been ordering with Seven Seas for a long time and we appreciate your good cooperationand attendance.
21-Mar-12YalibelCOMBINED MINING & SHIPPING LLCMaster V. Zhanikov stated "Seven Seas service is very nice. Good cooperationfor servicing on board. My vessel is satisfied."
21-Mar-12RFA Diligence-Logistics Supply Officer stated "Once again, an excellent service providedby Seven Seas. All items delivered on time. Your representative, Murali Nambiarwas most helpful and cooperative to our requirements.
12-Mar-12Bunga Lavender-Capt. Christopher Del Rosario stated, "Boarding representative, Sandeep Kumaris very cooperative, kind and with excellent attitude."
10-Mar-12Georgia TMODION MARITIME MGMT.Capt. Romulo Ventoza stated "Satisfactory. Keep up the good service."
8-Mar-12Vale Rio De JaneiroANGLO EASTERN SHIP MANAGEMENT LTD.Captain has stated "Very good service and very good quality of provisions suppliedby Seven Seas Shipchandlers."
6-Mar-12Anastasia KCHARTERWELL MARITIME SAMaster & Chief Engineer stated, "Thank you very much for your very goodattendance and on-time service supply."
3-Mar-12Malathi-Capt Ramaprasad stated, "Very good service for the last calls. Boarding representative,Mr. Kishore has been attending my vessel and he has done a very good job."
1-Mar-12HMS WestminsterMLS LTDLt. Cdr Rich Carthew, Logistics Officer stated, quot;Thank you for your good serviceto HMS Westminster during our port visit to Fujairah. The quality of all food deliveredhas been very good and Mr. Murali Nambiar has been very helpful throughout the visit,ensuring that we have had all that we wanted. The ship looks forward to returningto Fujairah and using your services again in the near future."
8-Feb-12Vasco BharatiGoodrich Maritime Pvt LtdMaster of Vasco Bharati stated, "We appreciate your swift service."
8-Feb-12HMS ArgyllMLS LTDPOCA Andy Hinds stated, "Firstly, let me thank you for your hospitality inshowing my self and my colleagues around your impressive set up. We were all veryimpressed by the shear magnitude of your operation and the professionalism displayedby you and your team, secondly would you please pass on our sincere thanks to Mr.Heroiyce Patel for his kind invitation for lunch, which was unexpected but verywelcomed and appreciated. We all would have liked to have stayed much longer toenjoy yours and Mr. Patel's company. Finally, thank you and your team for providingus with a first class service ensuring we received everything we requested.
Regards and best wishes for the future."
2-Feb-12City of GuangzhouMAERSK SINGAPORE PTE LTDMaster Marcin Hulewics stated, "Thank you very much for the hospitality andusual excellent cooperation. Hope you already get time to enjoy overview of Poland."
25-Jan-12Eships MayaANGLO EASTERN SHIP MANAGEMENT LTD.Master Harish Valecha in related to Magazine Homeward Bound, their crews were thankfulto the Al Maktoum Foundation and 'The Angel', a project by the mission to seafarersfor sharing time and invaluable gifts.
He has stated also quot;We would like to thank Mr. Paul Pereira of Seven Seas Shipchandlers,Jebel Ali, for his efforts to spread the noble message to ships calling Jebel Aliport."
29-Jan-12RFA WaveknightMLS LtdSupply Officer has stated thru the delivery feedback form "A good service providedby a smart boarding agent. All quantities correct. Quality good. A very satisfactoryservice provided by Seven Seas Shipchandlers."
27-Jan-12HMS TriumphMLS LtdStated in Delivery feedback form "A very successful store ship. Seven Seashave supplied a great service and all staff is very helpful. Keep up the good work."
27-Jan-12Millenium ExplorerGARRETS MARINE U.KMaster R.P. Anderson stated, "Provisions, Bond and private order were suppliedby Seven Seas at Fujairah. Their supply and packaging was good, freezer boxes wereused to perishable/frozen foods and delivery was prompt, quality of supplies good,with long shelf life on all items supplied."
10-Jan-12Auriga Leader-Capt State Eugen stated, "Thank you very much for quality of provisions supplied....I'll keep Seven Seas on top of the Suppliers List."
2-Jan-12-MLS LtdSam Tarapore, Purchaser stated, "This is good and well appreciated by all ofus. Floyd and your entire back office team had done an excellent job right throughthe holiday period."
Note: This is in regards to Feedback reports from vessel RFA Fort Victoria and HMSQuorn.
30-Dec-11RFA Fort Victoria NAAFI FINANCE DARLINGTON Deputy Logistics Supply Officer has commented in the Delivery Feedback form, quot;All services have been to a good standard. We look forward to using your services again.quot;
27-Dec-11HMS SomersetNAAFI FINANCE DARLINGTON Customer has commented in the Delivery Feedback form, quot;Very helpful and cooperative. Vehicles were in good condition.quot;
27-Dec-11Al SafliyaBASTE+LANGE GMBH Captain Edo Puzovic stated, "Generally speaking the quality and quantity of food and stores supplied by your good company is good.
Regarding to our food allowances and budget, I found your prices very good comparing to other countries where we occasionally purchase fresh provision. I hope we will continue our good cooperation and as per latest news from Pronav, our daily budget will be increased which will result to more provision order from Seven Seas."
16-Dec-11G. SymphonyANGLO EASTERN (SINGAPORE) Master C.R. Tavares stated,quot; Thank you very much for the private items arranged at such short notice. Full marks to your organization."
8-Dec-11RFA WaveknightGULF AGENCY - FUJ - 500467 Logistics Officer David Leighton stated, "I will be leaving this mighty vessel on the 14th, going home to the family for Santa's arrival.
I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for all the support and professionalism with all requirements that I have requested in ensuring that Wave Knight has remained operational during my tenure.
Wishing you all warm wishes for Christmas and the very best for 2012."
28-Nov-11Aldawha- Capt Danov stated "Please be informed that I'm very satisfied by the organized supply to my vessel with provisions/stores etc. by your company.
Your personnel was acting very professionally and courteous in order to arrange & perform the supply.
I'm using the chance to send my regards to Ryan, Freddie, and other officers for very well organized and performed works.
I wrote this letter as a very satisfied customer. See you next time with pleasure."
26-Nov-11Hellespont CommanderHELLESPONT SHIP MANAGEMENT GMBH & CO KG. Robin Walther, Purchasing Coordinator stated, "Dear Seven Seas Team, Many thanks for the good performance and supply at Fujairah. All ordered items and airfreights went on board. Thanks."
15-Nov-11Oktem AksoyAKMAR SHIPPING AND TRADING S.A Vatan Sey, Purchaser, stated "Master informed that provisions are on board without any delay. Many thanks for your kind efforts and appreciated. Hope to work with your good friendship company on our next callings to UAE ports."
24-Oct-11Nord Reliable  Captain has appreciated the services provided especially Boarding Representative Mr. Roshan Chavan for providing good assistance and also hoping to have him on the next order.
23-Oct-11Wafrah- Capt. Biby Thomas has thanked us for the compliments and magazines and also will pass on the good word to the relieving master in regards to our supplies.
22-Oct-11ArizonaSTAFF CENTRE SHIPMANAGEMENT LTD Master of the vessel says quot;Many thanks for your best attention and to Mr. Roshan. Your service is best in Persian Gulf and my opinion in Asia/Europe/American Region".
17-Oct-11Resolve Capt. William J. " Just a note to thank you for all your help with the quotes and also ensuring we received what we needed on short notice. Thanks also to Paul Pereira for his help in getting our stores delivered this evening.
We have always had a great experience with your company and look forward to working with you again in the future."
15-Oct-11Charles Eddie- Capt. Raj K. Jha said "Thanks for the mail and overall co-ordination with supplies of provision, bond stores and private items, which was conducted and carried out very well."
6-Oct-11Leighton BargesSODEXO FOOD SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD The purchaser has expressed his gratitude to SSS's ability to supply provisions to the three Leighton Barges with effect from March 2011. The purchaser advised that the fleet of these barges will also be increased and the company would initiate SSS to make provision supply as before, giving quality service.
12-Sep-11-CATERING INTERNATIONAL Wade Wang, Representative for Kish Operations, stated, "Really appreciated for your guys' good job for grocery well organized and delivered to Dubai Port Rashid. Hope we will have more business cooperation in the future."
29-Aug-11InaseEVALEND SHIPPING COMPANY S.A. PANAMA Ms. Chrisa, Purchaser stated, "Thanks for your good cooperation / service to this supply."
16-Aug-11President AdamsAPL MARITIME LTD Master Tom Cadloni stated, "I would like to thank your staff for getting our bonded and provision store orders to the vessel in a timely manner. The vessel arrived at 9 hours ahead schedule and Paul Pereira was in contact with the vessel and we were able to load stores soon after arrival. Seven Seas does an outstanding job servicing their customers.quot;
1-Aug-11RFA Waveknight First Officer John Thompson stated, "We depart Dubai today having spent more than three weeks along side. The ship chandlery support received from Seven Seas Dubai has been first class. Short notice requirements have been and met all deliveries made to some tight timescales. Mohan is extremely professional and efficient in his dealings on board the ship, visiting almost daily to ensure all was well. Please pass on my thanks to all your staff involved in assisting with our port visit."
31-Jul-11Hercules Leader- Capt. Chacko stated ".... many thanks for the prompt arrangement and quick responses to our queries. This makes it easy to choose Seven Seas over its competitors. As mentioned before, we also appreciate the helpful and pleasant attitude of your boarding representative Mr. Paul Pereira."
31-Jul-11MubarazNATIONAL GAS SHIPPING CO. LTD (NGSCO) Master Fred Wilkinson stated "This e-mail is just to say " Thanks" to you and all your colleagues at Seven Seas, for the excellent quality of service and goods supplied by your company over the past few years. I wish you all very best for the future."
21-Jul-11Hercules Leader- Captain Chacko stated, quot;Received the L& M with many thanks. Once again we appreciate the helpful and pleasant attitude of your boarding reps. See you next call."
21-Jul-11HMS Monmouth NAAFI FINANCE DARLINGTON Supply Officer Chris Loving stated ".... Thank you for all your help while we were in Dubai and could you please thank KG Mohan for all his help when he came to the ship. Again, thank you for the excellent service.quot;
18-Jul-11 New Dynamic NEPTUNE SHIP MANAGEMENT SERVICES PVT.LTD Capt. Rajiv Sondhi stated, quot;It gives me immense pleasure to Thank You and Your Good Team who proactively serve our vessel by supplying us with all our stores
requirements. Further I would like to take this as an opportunity to Highly Commend Mr. Vikas Katoch and Mr. Alpesh Desai, for the valuable services rendered to us, for your information and records. These two gentlemen have represented The Seven Seas Group in all honesty and humility and carried out their services onboard M.V. New Dynamic as humble servants of your company and rapidly besides we shared a very Good mutual rapport. It is a great pleasure to work with such wonderful Human resources who delivered their services (which included intricately all kinds of stores) with skills of a very high Standard.

I personally wish Mr. Vikas Katoch and Mr. Alpesh Desai all the Bright and Vibrant Future and I am sure they will remain Assets in the Seven Seas Group."
14-Jul-11 Al Khaznah NATIONAL GAS SHIPPING CO. LTD (NGSCO) Captain Ignacio Insauti stated, "I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your very good service, quality and competitive prices during many years.
I feel quite sad that this has come to pass. As far as I am concerned, Seven Seas have provided a sterling service to us.
Many thanks to you and your helpful, professional staff at Seven Seas for your good service over these years. I hope that we will have the opportunity to work together again one day.
My very best wishes to you all."
12-Jul-11 Rolldock Sea ROLLDOCK SHIPPING B.V. Erik Lindeman, Purchasing Officer stated "I would like to thank you and your colleagues for your good support during the stay of our vessel MV Rolldock Sea at Dubai Dry Dock and Mina Saqr. From present and former captain I understood that they were satisfied with your service, quality of products and assistance. "Seven Seas delivered good quality, service above average and very cooperative"
12-Jul-11 City of Guangzhou REEDEREI M. LAUTERJUNG Master Hulewics stated, "Thank You very much for usual excellent cooperation. Due to first class quality of all your products (food staff, technical, bond) we can save money, avoiding buying in other ports lower quality goods. Boarding representative behavior and punctuality is at highest class. Delivery on time as requested, all products well packed and damage-free. Thank You very much for the impressive visit in main office. Even I can not imagine before, how huge and modern Seven Seas facility is. Wide range of different contractors and world wide famous customers are the best recommendations to use Your service.
Frozen product chambers, rubber gasket workshop, loading ramps, storage area and package quality are all modern, computerized, clean and tidy, with experienced personnel and exceptional hospitality of office staff will stay for long time in my memory. Will advice my colleagues to use Seven Seas service if they will call Jebel Ali.
Dear Walter, thank you very much again for Your support and hospitality.quot;
8-Jul-11 Excalibur VAN HULLE LTD Master Benoit Dersin stated "All stores have been well received and are of good quality. Thank you."
30-Jun-11 Atlant Regine ATLANTSKA PLOVIDBA D.D. Capt Fuad Cimic stated, "Thank you for your assistance and good quality of supplied items. I am looking forward to work with you again."
29-Jun-11 Christianna MODION MARITIME MGMT Capt. Mariano stated, "... Would like to take this opportunity to say "Many Thanks" on behalf of the officers and crew for the private orders you have arranged"
21-Jun-11 MV Paiute - Captain Sabharwal stated "I take this opportunity to thank and appreciate your usual efficient, accurate and reliable services provided to the vessel."
15-Jun-11 - ARAMARK GULF LIMITED Mr. Gerard Kerr, Operations Manager stated "I am emailing you to say thank you and to your colleagues at Seven Seas. The effort and efficiency shown to provide the short notice deliveries to Al Bateen airport in Abu Dhabi on the 14th June was exemplarity."
14-Jun-11 RFA DILIGENCE - Dan Lumsden Logistics Supply Officer stated, "We have made several visits to Fujairah recently and I would like to send my sincere thanks to your representative, Murali Nambiar, for his assistance. Murali has been most professional and attentive in meeting all our requirements and I look forward to working with him again during our next visit. I would also like to thank Narendra Bhandary who continues to help us with all our enquiries from the office and deals with our requests in a very prompt manner."
10-Jun-11 Endeavour - Captain Gumenyak stated "Please accept our thanks for good cooperation and good service rendered by yours company Sales Executive Mr. Kishore Kumar who attended o/b during m/v Endeavor stay alongside at Mina Saqr 04-08-June-2011. Looking for future cooperation with your company in July'11 when we intend to call at Mina Saqr again."
7-Jun-11 HMS Chiddingfold MLS LTD LCH Glyn Colderwood stated, I would like to send my sincere thanks to Mohan KG for the excellent service he has provided to HMS Chiddingfold for the past 3 months. He is a professional and very efficient in all he does and was most helpful with dealing with our demands. Your Team made couple of visits to Dubai very pleasant and most worthy by their outstanding support. The hospitality, support and efficient manner offered by your team were most appreciated. Thank you for all you have done."
26-May-11 - LMS SHIPMANAGEMENT INC Mike Thomas, Purchaser stated "Thanks again for all the assistance during the last call for the EGS Crest and I look forward with all of you again soon."
20-May-11 Buxcrown - Master Palenda stated "Many thanks sir for your excellent service and efforts to the delivered the required bike late evening yesterday. Really appreciated!"
16-May-11 - SPRINGFIELD SHIPPING Co PANAMA S.A. Capt. Barkas stated ".... Thank you all for your time and superb cooperation when meeting with myself at your premises. In particular, I would like to thank Mr. Elves D'Silva for his valuable input in the course of the audit process."
8-May-11 New Dynamic NEPTUNE SHIP MANAGEMENT SERVICES PVT.LTD Capt. Sondhi stated "I take this as an opportunity, in all my earnest, to Thank You and Your Team, who whole heartedly Co-operated with our vessel's, needs and supplied us. Braving many odds. We remain grateful to All of you and Especially your Good self for always being in control and above the situation."
5-May-11 Gemini Glory GULF MARINE MGT (DEUTSCHLAND) GMBH & CO. KG Master Maricel Lupu stated, "... thanks for showing...good collaboration. Will keep you / your company on my priority list of ship chandlers across UAE ports."
1-May-11 City of Guangzho REEDEREI M. LAUTERJUNG Master M. Hulewicz stated "Thank you very much for usual excellent cooperation. Due to first class quality of all Your products (foodstuff) we can save money, avoiding to buy in other ports lower quality goods. Boarding representative's behavior and punctuality at highest class. Delivery on time as requested, all products well packed and damaged free."
22-Apr-11 Freedom CROWLEY LINER SERVICES Captain Shawn Hagerty stated "Thanks again to you and the Seven Seas team for, as always, providing all requested and high quality items. We look forward to contacting you again next voyage."
22-Apr-11 - CIANO INTERNATIONAL SA Operations Manager Dorian Bacic stated, "Just few words about exceptional services provided by your Sharjah branch crew. 100% professional attitude with fully coordinated team work and a lot of personal effort included from area managers, Irfan and Dinesh from Khalid Port side and Dinesh Shetty at Hamriyah near Ajman. I'd like point out extreme difficulties facing Hamriyah where Mr. Dinesh Shetty marvelously manage his team of drivers, loading hands and electricians to fully successful, money saving operation. "
15-Apr-11 Maersk Klaipedia AP MOLLER – MAERSK A/S Master Ali Abid stated "Please be informed that the stores arrived on board in good order. Thanks for the good cooperation. The boarding representative was very helpful.quot;
13-Apr-11 Somme Gulf Agency (SHJ) 500467 Commissaire Stanislas de Longeaux stated "Many thanks for all your work for FS Somme and quickness in requested material delivery."
5-Apr-11 - SODEXO INDIA ON-SITE SERVICE SOLUTIONS Campboss Sadik Mujawar stated quot;On behalf of Sodexo India, I would like to thank you and your team specially Mr. Suresh and Mr. Dinesh for the cooperation, understanding and kind support given for loading material for the barge Leighton Stealth. The performance of Mr. Dinesh was well acknowledged and appreciated. We look forward to the continuance and further this kind of service."
31-Mar-11 - STELLA MARINE SERVICES GMBH & CO KG Mr. Andreas, Purchaser has stated "It is a pleasure to see how quick Seven Seas is acting in case the owner places orders late."
20-Mar-11 Gulf-2 AMWAJ CATERING SERVICES Krishna Salgaokar Campboss stated, "As we are moving out from Sharjah dockyard tomorrow morning, I would like to thank you very much for providing good supply and timely delivery of items for Gulf-2, Specially your quick response and good quality of food items in very short time. I would like to thank your crew too specially Mr. Dinesh and Prashant. They are doing good service and very helpful. I look forward in future too; we will do business with Seven Seas."
20-Mar-11 City of Guangzhou REEDEREI M. LAUTERJUNG Master M. Hulewics stated, " It's almost 1 year since I commenced cooperate with Seven Seas calling triple times in Jebel Ali on board of City of Guangzhou. Still I remember excellent quality of all deliveries, professional service and your exceptional hospitality. Once more, thank you very much."
14-Mar-11 Astra COLUMBIA SHIPMANAGEMENT DEUTSCHLAND GMBH Master I. Kornienko stated "All operations at Mina Saqr were done in good manner. Special thanks for the boarding agent Kishor Kumar. All papers were ready for easy works. It saves our time."
14-Mar-11 Safwa - Capt. Russell Davies stated "Just taking the time to personally thank you for your excellent quality provisions at Fujairah 4th March. I will most certainly contact again on my next opportunity. All the best."
4-Mar-11 ER Luebeck BERNHARD SCHULTE SHIPMANAGEMENT DEUTSCH Capt. Valentyn Prysyazhny stated, "Herewith conformed with thanks a lot for ER Luebeck - provisions and Bond stores deliveries and delivered as well some minor items for Deck/Engine stores. Your very good professional performance and especially Sales Executive Mr. Paul Pereira made an excellent impression and inspired us for further cooperation in the future."
4-Mar-11 Antonis I. Angelicoussis CHEVRONstyle='mso-spacerun: yes'> SHIPPING COMPANY LLC Capt. Saaduddin Mohammad stated thru Delivery feedback form, "Keep up the good work and timely delivery of stores."
21-Feb-11 Reference Point BERNHARD SCHULTE SHIIPMNGT (SNG) PVT LTD Mr. Jasper Low, Purchaser stated "Thanks for your help and also convey my message "thanks" to your team for their efficient service for the success of this supply."
8-Feb-11 Al Sahla GARRETS MARINE style='mso-spacerun: yes'> U.K Capt. Subhashish Ambep stated "This is just to inform you that the provision quality and quantity as ordered have been excellent as always. Service absolutely flawless and prompt delivery. Keep up the good work Hormazd, kudos to you and to your team."
6-Feb-11 Shatixa BERNHARD SCHULTE SHIPMANAGEMENT (INDIA) Capt. R.K.S.Manickam stated "I would like to thank the Seven Seas Shipchandler's management for the excellent support services that they had provided to the vessel during her long 7 ½ month stay at Dry docks-World, Dubai. They were pro-active and were able to literally deliver the goods at short notices, whenever they were required. I would particularly like to mention the services of these two gentlemen who had kept a close tab on the v/l and provided all the services that were required in an excellent manner – Mr. Floyd Pereira, Manager, Port & Dry Docks and Mr. Santhosh Kumar., Sales Executive. I wish both these gentlemen and Seven Seas Shipchandlers the very best and continue their excellent services to the shipping industry."
19-Jan-11 HMS Cumberland NAAFI FINANCE DARLINGTON James Farrant, Lieutenant Commander Royal Navy, stated "I am pleased to say we were delighted with every aspect of Seven Seas' service - the quality was excellent, all the orders were delivered and on time, and all of your staff we have dealt with have been very helpful
14-Jan-11 CMA CGM Dolphin TECHNOMAR SHIPPING INC We would be very happy of course to use you again if we were in the area." Captain Viktor Fotinyuk stated "I have spoken with Supply dept and recommended Seven Seas as one of the best Company around the world. In couple of days I will send large requisition for food provision and I hope we will cooperate with Seven Seas."
14-Jan-11 HMS Chiddingfold MLS LTD. Steve Ponsford, Leading chef Catering Manager, stated "I would like to send my sincere thanks to Mohan KG for his excellent service to the ship during our visit to Dubai over the New Year. He was most helpful and dealt with all our needs in a professional and very efficient manner. It was a pleasant visit to Dubai and helped by the superb support of your staff. This was also on our first visit back in October when we had a fantastic tour of Seven Seas warehouses and the hospitality offered was much appreciated."
11-Jan-11 Silver Wind SILVERSEA CRUISES Oliver D'Souza, F & B Controller stated quot;Thank you for paying attention and getting all the produce for Silverseas. Abdul was great; he did his best at all times. You have good staff."
10-Jan-11 Maersk Virginia MAERSK LINE LTD, USA. Master Tobe Demar stated "Thank you so much for showing your fine facility to me and my Bosun, and treating us to a very special evening out. It is very good to be able to meet those whom we would normally only communicate with by way of phone and correspondence, and see the quality of the staff and facilities which provide for us. We on the Maersk Virginia have nothing but high praise for the services you have provided in the past, and look forward to our continued relationship."
5-Jan-11 RFA Bayleaf GULF AGENCY COMPANY - DXB Steve Dempster stated "Thank you very much for the excellent service that your company has given to me and RFA Bayleaf whilst at Dubai. All stores were of excellent quality, delivered on time, at the right temperature and in clean vehicles. Your port Operations Manager could not do enough for me. I have to order the food and cook at the same time so its inevitable that I forget items which we need for a long period at sea, all it took was a quick e-mail to Mohan KG Manager-Port Operations and the items were either added to my order or delivered the next day. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to any RFA ship. I look forward to doing business with you when the ship returns to Dubai in the near future."
3-Jan-11 Sea Daisy TRADELINE LLC. Capt. Dinesh Kumar Sharma stated, "Good day. This is in reference to the services offered to my ship MV Sea Daisy as ship chandler by you at Mina Saqr. Please note you have offered me and my crew excellent services even at odd hours. We do appreciate your services and if in future if we get chance to work, I will be happier to do business."
31-Dec-10 Harad - Master Dallace Mirza stated, "Please note quality of provisions (Dry and Frozen) supplied on 29/12/2010 was of very high quality and standards as you had earlier promised. I am please to inform that such quality service from your end and highly competitive pricing is very much appreciated and look forward to in the near future."
26-Dec-10 CMA CGM Maasai INTERORIENT MARINE SERVICES LTD. Capt Petru Dimofte stated "First of all may I take this opportunity and wish you and your family and friends "Merry Christmas" and "a very Happy and Prosperous New Year". Secondly, please pass captain's gratitude and lots of thanks to your Sales Executive, Santosh Kumar for his kindness and willingness in selecting and preparing the Christmas gifts for my crew at his expense."
19-Dec-10 Kota Arif PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL LINES (PTE) LTD Captain Mahdi Amier said that "It give me immense pleasure to thank you and your good team who proactively serve our fleet vessels by supplying us with our stores requirements. Further I would like to take this as an opportunity to highly commend Mr. Vikas S.R. Katoch, for the valuable services rendered to us. Mr. Vikas S.R. Katoch has represented the Seven Seas Group in all honesty and humility and carried out his service on board M.V. Kota Arif as humble servants of your company and we have always shared a very good mutual rapport. It is a great pleasure to work with such wonderful human resources who delivers his services with skills of a very high standard. Also, we feel that the exemplary behavior of the Boarding Representative goes a long way in ensuring the continuation of good working relationships. I personally wish Mr. Vikas Katoch a very bright and vibrant future and I am sure he will remain an asset in the Seven Seas Group.quot;
4-Dec-10 WOFF   Robyn Connell WOFF Contracts and Procurement Manager FSU-3 stated, "Seven Seas Good afternoon. As the time draws near to the end of our rotation, I take this opportunity to say farewell and thank you as I prepare for the freedom bird to Oz. I express my sincere appreciation for the efforts and professionalism that Seven Seas has extended to our staff during our business activities. As we all know ADF presents many high priority and diverse demands and I am sure I do not need to highlight any specific examples of where ADF have submitted a demand with little description but a huge assumption that the contractor knew what we actually wanted (the meaning of witches hats and bar stools will amuse me for a while to come). I appreciate the challenges that each rotation presents and I am sure our rotation was no different to any other, however I do believe together we effectively opened and improved the lines of communication which has had a very positive impact on our working relationships and resulted in many improvements across the Contract and Local Procurement fields. 'Thanks a Million' to Seven Seas staff for the guidance, support and professionalism you extended to me during my tour at AMAB, it will also always be greatly appreciated. Farewell and Thank you!"
23-Nov-10 Helen Kosan   Capt. Dexter Cabarrubias stated, "I am taking provisions, bonded stores and other local stores only in Seven Seas Shipchandlers even in my previous vessels (Ocean Prism, Marianna Kosan and Leonora Kosan). Until now, I am ordering only to them. The service is good and the quality of the delivered goods is complete and new."
11-Nov-10 LNG Mubaraz / LNG Mraweh NATIONAL GAS SHIPPING CO. LTD (NGSCO) Floyd Pereira, Dubai Dry Docks Port Manager stated "We serviced both the LNG Mubaraz and LNG Mraweh at Dubai Dry Docks. Ships staff on both vessels were happy and satisfied with the quick and efficient service provided by us. Credit mainly goes to Mr. Lorenzo Villanueva (Ops. exec.) and Mr. Santhosh Kumar (B. Rep) Lorenzo always provided quick quotes and immediate supplies, whilst Santosh was available at all times to visit the ship for collecting urgent samples/orders and timely supplies. Mr. Lorenzo has good technical knowledge and is hardworking.
8-Nov-10   GLOBAL WORKBOATS PTE LTD Ben Swindells stated "I would like to thank you for supplying the items (with regards to the Seasafe supporter) efficiently, professionally and on such short notice. Our experience with you has made our company consider Seven Seas for supplying Global Workboats in Africa. We all know the problems with finding chandler in that particular area and since your company uses your own freight forwarder, we are seriously considering using your company for 2 vessels which will be operating in the west Africa region."
4-Nov-10 Maersk Michigan MAERSK LINE LTD USA Master N. Daboul stated, "The best delivery of stores in my 18 years at sea happened today with Murali Nambiar of Seven Seas. Your team was just great. We broke the delivery up into three portions: Dry/Freeze and FFV and it helped tremendously with organization. Appreciate the work you did very much."
30-Oct-10 Al Sahla GARRETS MARINE U.K Captain Sajid stated "I am pleased to state that the provision stores quality, especially the fresh fruits and vegetables supplied is to our satisfaction. It's a pleasant experience receiving such good quality products in the middle of the sea. We look forward to receiving similar quality of stores in future as well."
28-Oct-10 RFA Bayleaf GULF AGENCY COMPANY - DXB David Leighton, Logistics Supply Officer stated "I feel that it is only right for me to mention the service provided by Mr. KG Mohan during our recent port visit to Port Rashid Dubai. Mr. Mohan was courteous, attentive and very professional at all times ensuring that all service requests where met timely and accurately. This allowed immediate repair work to be carried out completion and the storing of provisions. Mr. Mohan's professional approach ensured that Bayleaf had a very successful stop in Dubai. Please pass on my personal thanks and I look forward to further visits in the near future."
19-Oct-10 Adnan N   Master stated thru delivery feedback form "Seven months in GCC, I saw only excellent service and friendship from your SSS group in Jebel Ali."
14-Oct-10 HMS Middleton MLS LTD Leading Chef Lee Keenan stated that "I would like to pass on my sincere gratitude and thanks to Mr. Mohan KG for his outstanding Service to the ship and myself during our stay in Dubai. He was polite, very professional and most helpful. All requirements were dealt with exemplary and efficiently. Your staff made our visit to Dubai very pleasant on a professional basis and I look forward to our return visit."
7-Oct-10 RFA DILIGENCE MLS LTD Dan Lumsden First Officer Logistics Supply Officer stated "We are just about to leave Fujairah on one of our many visits here and I would like to thank you and your team for a most professional and efficient service. Your staff has been most cooperative and helpful and it has been a pleasure. Murali Nambiar has been very busy in satisfying our requirements and I would like to thank him for all his hard work. Provisions have always been of very good quality and we have always received everything we have requested."
30-Sep-10 Mr. Roshen Korah GAC MARINE, ABU DHABI Excellent job and many thanks for your service at very short notice.  All credit goes to your team
20-Sep-10 Fairchem Mustang ANGLO EASTERN (SINGAPORE Capt. SN Waravadekar stated "We really appreciate for all the help, services and coordination extended from your end and Seven Seas to vessel, even if called to deliver few items at very short notice and at night.  Hope to see you soon and have services through Seven Seas for all future calls."
20-Sep-10 Orion Voyager CHEVRON SHIPPING COMPANY LLC Capt Skaro stated "All requested items received in good order.  Many thanks for supplying all the items to vessel at such short notice.  Appreciate your support and cooperation regarding the same."
15-Sep-10 HMS Northumberland NAAFI FINANCEDARLINGTON Frank Tingle Purchaser stated "I am writing to thank you for your services during our time in Fujairah .  Mr. Murali Nambiar was most helpful in all matters concerning our difficulties along side."
13-Sep-10 Harad MIDEAST SHIP MANAGEMENT LTD Master Dallace Mirza stated "We will be calling Fujairah end of this month and as usual based on your good quality of previous service, I will be inclined to place my order for provisions / bonded items / Private orders with you."
26-Jul-10 Harad MIDEAST SHIP MANAGEMENT LTD Master Dallace Mirza stated "Thank you for your invitation.  As regards to your supply, I was very pleased with the quality of service and provisions.  No complaints whatsoever.  I intend to employ SSS once again the next time vessel is back at Fujairah
19-Jul-10 Al Sahla GARRETS MARINE U.K Capt Subhashish Ambep stated "Thanks you very much for your prompt action with the provisions.
19-Jul-10 New Dynamic APL CO. (PTE) LTD Capt Moses KD stated "It gives me immense pleasure to Thank You and Your Good Team who proactively serve our vessel by supplying us with all our stores requirements.  Further I would like to take this as an opportunity to Highly Commend Mr. Vikas Katoch and Mr Paul Pereira, for the valuable services rendered to us, for your information and records.  These two gentlemen have represented The Seven Seas Group in all honesty and humility and carried out their services on board M.V. New Dynamic as humble servants of your company and rapidly besides we shared a very Good mutual rapport.  It is a great pleasure to work with such wonderful Human resources who delivered their services (which included intricately all kinds of stores) with skills of a very high Standard. I personally wish Mr. Vikas Katoch and Mr. Paul Pereira all the Bright and Vibrant Future and I am sure they will remain Assets in the Seven Seas Group."
14-Jul-10 APL Rotterdam ANGLO EASTERN (SINGAPORE) Capt. A. K. Singh stated "Thanks for the assistance provided by Mr. Roshan Chavan.  His suggestions made me spend lesser money and his bargaining skills saved me a lot of money.  Thanks once again and hoping to see you again."
14-Jul-10 Summit Europe DONNELLY TANKER MANAGEMENT LTD Capt Steve Collins stated "I understand that you will supply us with provisions and stores again at Fujairah.  This is good, we were very satisfied last time."
13-Jul-10 Setubal Castle   CONVOY MARITIME LTD The purchaser advises that the master confirmed receipt of the welding stores. Thank you for your prompt action and timely delivery in such a short notice.
12-Jul-10 Magnum Fortune MEADWAY SHIPPING TRADING INC The master writes "Thanks for the good and cooperative service. All supply /items received complete and in good order. Thanks for the special complements  and good service provided by boarding representative  Mr. Roshan "
8-Jul-10 Gloric NEREUS SHIPPING SA The purchaser advises that in reference to the supplies made to the vessel, the master's report was favorable for the quality of goods delivered on board as well as for the services on board. We have to thank you for your extensive efforts of keeping Masters and crew happy on board
5-Jul-10 Anke PETER DOHLE SCHIFFAHRTS Capt. Ridi writes "All orders received in good order and before departure. Well done and therefore many thanks "
22-Jun-10 HMS St Albans NAAFI FINANCE DARLINGTON "I would like to thank you and your team who worked so hard to deliver a 1st class service. Excellent job, many thanks."
9-May-10   NAAFI FINANCE DARLINGTON Naafi Manager writes "I just want to say thank you for the excellent service and for helping me in other ways. I have told NAAFI of your excellent service..."
28-Apr-10 Seamec II SEAMEC LTD Anupam SHARMA, Executive (Operations) stated "We really appreciate the timely delivery & your last minute efforts put for the supplies of Seamec II."
27-Apr-10 Seamec 1 SEAMEC LTD Naresh Gadekar, Purchase Sr. Manager stated: quot;We are happy that you have managed to dispatch the shipment in short notice.  We appreciate the efforts and are thankful for your quick / timely response.  Please convey my thanks to Bashir also."
15-Apr Spirit Oceanus CRUISE WEST Vincent Chabrier, Hotel Director of Spirit Oceanus "Our Executive Chef just finish his loading and was very pleased with all items received today and in Dubai as well the services given by your company, unfortunately my company all ready confirmed our provision with another supplier for Muscat, and I was not able to change it. I realize that you having office all around in Europe as well and surely I will get in touch with you later for more provision  in Europe, and definitely next year for our next World Cruise."
1-Apr-10 Bakkedal TORVALD KLAVENESS & CO. AS J. Lisowski stated that "Supply in requested date and time, goods well packaged, and in proper order.  Reasonable quality based on the prices.  Recommended for future."
24-Mar-10 APL Orchid NEPTUNE SHIP MANAGEMENT SERVICES PVT.LTD Capt Tommy Chia stated "I would like to report that your staffs have done a great job during our one week port stay in Jebel Ali for repair.
They have gone the extra miles, not only providing us the materials required at short notice for the repairs, but also provided the crew for the transportation going into town.
Nowadays, not many ship's chandlers around the world are willing to provide this type of service for the crew.
As you may aware, container vessel stay very short in port and the crew usually does not have much chance to go ashore.
You have given them this opportunity and they felt very appreciative for your service.
18-Mar-10 Captain Kattelmann SIMATECH SHIPPING LLC Capt Srikrishnan Kumaresawaran stated "I would like to inform that Mr. Sathick Sultan (sales Executive) is very hard worker, reliable and very honest.  I am working with Simatech since 2005, during this period I found him very good in all respect.  I can recommend you in promoting him to high post in future."
15-Mar-10 TenoLONDON SHIP MANAGERS LTD Captain Rohan stated "I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff, for the excellent service provided to M/V Teno on the 11th of March 2010. The quality of the supplied products has been very good." 
11-Mar-10 Crystal SerenityCRYSTAL CRUISES Attila Lajko, Hotel Stores mgr stated "Thank you for today's delivery in Abu Dhabi, great quality."
9-Mar-10 Houma BelleROYMAR SHIP MANAGEMENT, INC Kisore Samaroo - Purchaser "Thanks, appreciate all the delivery made to Houma Belle on time. Thanks again."
3-Mar-10 P1 RigGLOBAL PROCESS SYSTEM Mr. Chris Cleveland Operations Mgr stated "We have completed conversion of P1 at Abu Dhabi and wish to appreciate persons and companies who were involved in the conversion, thanking them for the first class help and support provided to the project team during some difficulties and trying times."
2-Mar-10LiaLIGABUE CATERING SRLITALY Capt Singh Rajinder stated "Vessel has received provisions as requested at Fujairah anchorage.  We thank and appreciate your prompt action in arranging provisions at short notice."
1-Mar-10Sea DaisyPIONEER SHIP MANAGEMENT SERVICES LLC Master of Sea Daisy stated "Seven Seas is serving this vessel Sea Daisy from Oct 2009 till Feb 2010.  I want to appreciate Mr. Rajan Pathrose for his outstanding service. I was very happy to have association with your company as your employees render good and timely services whenever asked for and on short notice.  I will recommend Seven Seas Shipchandlers to sister ships for provision."
23-Feb-10Mill ReefANGLO EASTERN (SINGAPORE) Capt. Kapur stated "Many thanks for your timely assistance in providing the vessel with garbage bags. Your staff was very cordial and proactive during my call to your office yesterday afternoon".
13-Feb-10Markab StarVELA INTERNATIONAL MARINE LTD. - DUBAIChief Engr. Pat O' Shaughnessy stated "Thank you for the excellent service on 11th, especially by Mr. Baluyut, your representative on board"
8-Feb-10High LandINTERNATIONAL TANKER MANAGEMENT LTDCapt. V. Korzh stated "Herewith I'd like to express my gratefulness for your excellent service. All ordered items are well received and, everything is of good quality."
1-Feb-10Sima BridgeSIMATECH SHIPPING LLCProcurement Mgr. Santosh Abraham stated "Thank you for your help to deliver Vital ship spares on time to Sima Bridge at Abu Dhabi.  Your dedication to work really appreciated.
On behalf of Simatech once again, we thank you for your good job.  Keep it up."
7-Jan-10Gas LombokFAIRDEAL MARINE SERVICES EST.Capt. Cai stated "So much thanks to everyone that our vessel has received supply within such shorter notice time span.
All service is very good including smooth delivery."

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